Claroderm Towel…

Shared by Camelia

Micropeeling removes grease accumulation that causes certain forms of acne. Micropeeling will also help in acne care by removing dirt and taking healing oxygen to affected pores. This process removes dead skin cells which accentuate wrinkles and in so doing make your skin look and feel younger.

Claroderm will

  •     Remove make-up and facial bacteria within the pores
  •     Clean without chemicals or soap
  •     Treat and heal blemished skin from closed and dirty pores

Dermatologically Tested

Material:  approximately 86% Polyester, approximately 14% Polyamid


In a major study spanning six months of clinical tests at Bochum University’s dermatological clinic our CLARODERM®
  back cleansing towel was tried out by test persons and carefully examined by specialists. It was rated as “excellent and free of side effects”.


1. Wet the back cleansing towel with water.
2. Wring out the towel thoroughly.
3. Softly massage parts of the back that are to be cleaned for approx. half a minute with the moistened cloth.
4. Rinse with lots of water.

Care Tips

You will have a longer enjoyment with your towel if you following care tips:  

1. After application ‑ rinse well under running water.

2.For a thorough cleaning:          Do not use a fabric softener!



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