Protect Yourself from the Flu and the Vaccine

Have you noticed that the media chatter regarding the expected flu pandemic has been ramping up lately?  Could it be because pharmaceutical giants like Baxter and Novartis are moving full speed ahead to prepare for mass inoculations around the globe of H1N1 (swine) flu vaccines by this fall?  

I hope the name Baxter rings a bell.  In the April 15 issue of Undercover, I wrote about how Baxter’s seasonal flu vaccine had been contaminated with the deadly avian flu virus at one of their facilities in Austria .  This “mistake” would very likely have resulted in millions of deaths if it was not caught in time by a lab in the Czech Republic .

Since I researched that article, I made a personal decision to avoid a flu shot at all costs.  I have also warned friends and family that a mild case of the flu may ultimately be safer than the long term health effects of the vaccine.  

But now I have some news to share that may even protect you from the flu itself, thanks to an enlightening article I recently read by John J. Cannell, MD.1 Dr. Cannell is a psychiatrist at Atascadero State Hospital in California , a maximum security hospital for psychiatric patients.  In 2005, an influenza A epidemic broke out in the hospital.  One by one, each ward became infected as patients came down with chills, fever, cough, and severe body aches.

Only one ward in the hospital remained free of infection — Dr. Cannell’s.  Why was this so? His patients intermingled with patients from other wards and were not noticeably different in their age, health, or medical treatment.  

The only difference that could be discerned was that Dr. Cannell’s patients had been receiving a daily dose of 2000 IU of vitamin D for several months.  That’s it.  All of his patients took vitamin D and not one caught the flu!  

Dr. Cannell’s research then led him to some remarkable discoveries about the effectiveness of vitamin D as a potent antibiotic and antiviral.  Vitamin D boosts the body’s production of antimicrobial peptides, a class of proteins that quickly destroys the cell walls of bacteria, viruses (including influenza) and fungi.  These peptides also keep the lungs free from infection.  

But that’s not all.  While vitamin D is destroying flu-causing viruses, it simultaneously performs another life-saving function.  It prevents the immune system from producing a dangerous amount of inflammatory chemicals (cytokines) that attack sensitive respiratory membranes.  In severe cases of the flu, this inflammation can destroy the normal cell lining of the respiratory tract.

In the early history of mankind, we wore loin cloths and spent most of our time out of doors.  With only 20 minutes of full body exposure to the sun, we were able to synthesize 20,000 units of vitamin D within 48 hours.  Our exposure to the sun gave us built-in immunity to contagious diseases.  

Compare that to how society has evolved over the centuries.   We spend most of our time indoors and perhaps get a few hundred units of vitamin D from our diet.  In the past couple of decades we even started slathering our skin with sun block and now get even less vitamin D in our already deficient bodies.  No wonder influenza continues to be a plague.
It is an established fact that most of us are deficient in vitamin D. Knowing this, I recently began taking 2000 units per day in supplement form, which is a safe yet effective dose.  Living in Florida , I also get year-round exposure to the sun — although like most people, I’m not outdoors as much as I would like to be.  

While I can’t advise you on how much vitamin D you should be taking, I can say that if you are dark skinned, elderly, or live in a northern climate, you are at a higher risk for catching the H1N1 flu due to vitamin D deficiency.  

If you are in one of these high risk groups, make it a priority to have your levels checked.  Dr. William Davis recommends vitamin D dosing to his patients so that they stay in the normal range of 60-70 ng/mL.2 According to Dr. Davis, since he began prescribing vitamin D, viral and bacterial infections have become a rare occurrence.  Depending on your health and other factors, your doctor may determine that you need up to 5000 units of vitamin D per day, especially in the winter.

I can’t think of an easier or safer way to protect yourself from the flu and the vaccine.

Note from Amma Ra:
Get out of doors as much as possible, walking and gardening is grounding, plus you get free Vit D. Personally I do not feel Swine Flue is a great threat at all. But someone has spent an awful time and money training the army, the police and the medical profession to make sure that we all get vaccinated. During the last epidemic in the early 1900’s the vaccines killed far more people than the Flu itself. Check these things out for yourself.
Seems they couldn’t get the Avian Flu scare off the ground, so an expensive and determined effort is being put into Swine Flu. Apparently the vaccine will be ready for use in Great Britain in late September or early October.
Forced vaccinations certainly ought to ring alarm bells. Use the tools of discernment and intuition and inner guidance. Remember that fear is a great magnet and can kill you without even contracting a disease.


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