Nickel Allergy








Nickel is a common cause of allergic skin rashes (cutlery, toaster, metal teapots, scissors, needles, pins, thimble, etc)It also can be found in materials made of metal such as jewelry (rings, bracelets, necklaces). The popularity of body piercing also can increased cases of allergic contact dermatitis. 

What are the symptoms? Allergic contact dermatitis is a type of skin rash that appears red, swollen, scaly, and blistered, depending on the severity. The shape of the rash takes the shape of the metal material.


1. Avoid metal with nickel.

2. Do not eat canned food.

3. Choose a piercing studio carefully.

4. Wear nickel-free steel,surgical-grade stainless steel,18-karat yellow gold,titanium,14-karat yellow gold. 

5. Avoid jewelry with  cobalt and white gold.

6. Use substitute materials (as below)

  • Watchbands made of leather, cloth or plastic
  • Zippers or clothing fasteners made of plastic or coated metals
  • Plastic or titanium eyeglass frames

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