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Hairstyle that suits you

How to select a suitable hairstyle for you.Hairstyles: You have to remember that just because you like a certain hairstyle that does not mean it will work for you. Hairstyles depend on the shape of your face and the texture of your hair. If its curly or straight. It all depends on how much maintenance your willing to do.

If you have Straight Hair: Of course we want to have wavy curly hair. You know that jump out of the shower hair. It takes mousse and or gel and a blow dryer. A nice soft perm or a texture perm will help. (How to do a Perm.)

If you have Curly Hair: Weather for example, hot and humid for curly hair spells disaster. Most people I know who have curly hair want it straight. Using the right hair care product in your hair before you blow-dry, is critical.

The right hairstyle begins by the shape of your face

Oval-shaped face

You’re lucky – this is the kind of face shape that suits just about any hairstyle. Both long and short hair cuts look great on you, as your face shape is well balanced. The chin and forehead of an oval face shape are in even proportion.

Avoid covering up your perfect face shape with heavy bangs or wearing your hair on your face. You’ll lose your face shape and it may add weight to your face.

Round face

Hairstyles with fullness and height at the crown will give the impression of a narrower face. Try a cut with layers while keeping the sides close to your face to make your face appear longer. Round faces suit either short hairstyles swept back from your forehead, or hairstyles that are longer than chin length. Wispy fringes and side parts are also good.

Avoid chin length hair, center parts, fullness at the sides of ears, straight “chopped bangs – these wll all emphasise the shape of your face.

Heart-shaped face
The heart shaped face is widest at the temples and narrowest at the chin, which can appear pointy. Short hair and chin length hair often looks great on this face shape, as the fullness can even out the jaw and chin lines. Chin length bobs, short shags, swept forward layers and wispy bangs all work well.
Avoid full styles that emphasise the upper face without balancing out your narrow chin. Too much height at the crown and tapered necklines will make you look top heavy.

Rectangular, Long face
If your face is long and slender, with your forehead and below cheeks about the same width, hairstyles that balance out the length of your face work best for you. These include short (Short hairstyles) to medium lengths (Medium hairstyles) with fullness at the sides and soft wispy bangs. This will shorten the length and add width to your face. Layered styles work well and add softness to the straight lines of your face.
Avoid too much length, it will only make your face look longer. Too much height will also lengthen your face.

Square face
If your face is square, with a strong, square jaw line and often an equally square hairline, the right hairstyles for you are ones that soften the square look of your face. Short to medium length hair cuts, with soft wispy bangs and a wave or curl will compliment and balance out your straight face shape. If you hair is straight, maybe consider a body wave . Side parts and fullness/height at the crown can add length to your square face shape.
Avoid straight styles – long straight hair, blunt bangs, straight bobs and center parts, as they will emphasise your square jawline.

Triangle face
If you face is triangle, with a wider chin that narrows at the forehead, you want to stick to styles that narrow your chin and widen the forehead. This will balance out your features. Shorter hair can often balance our your prominent jaw line, as well as styles that are full at the temples that taper at the jaw. Off center parts, wedges and shags are also good styles for you. Lots of layers will give you the fullness through the upper part of your face.
Avoid Styles that are full at the jawline and center parts.

Full forehead, long chin
If your forehead is large and your chin long, it can help to add volume below the chin line to balance it out. A thick layered cut or mid-length bob will add fullness where it’s needed. Bangs can also reduce the look of a full forehead.

Large features
Full hair can help downplay a large nose or other feature and can help balance out large features. Straight hair, parted down the middle or a long, heavy fringe will make a larger nose seem even more prominent. Subtle highlights in your hair can help by drawing the eye towards the hair and away from the face.

Long or short neck
A long, graceful neck is a beautiful and desireable feature and should be shown off and considered when choosing a hairstyle. Short hair can really show off your neck, however long hair can also add to your already graceful neck when worn in an elegant style, like a twist or updo.
If you want a short hairstyle and your neck is short, create the appearance of length by tapering your hair at the base of the neck and fuller on top.

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Beauty Tips for Hair

Beauty Tips for Hair

Every girls favourite feature is her hair, and we spend lots of time grooming it re styling it and changing its colour. All these things though unfortunately can damage your hair, and lead it to become limp over time. These few hair care tips should help keep your hair looking young and bouncy.

Treat your hair let it dry naturally. When you blow dry straighten, and curl your hair all the heat will cause damage to your hair leaving it dry and brittle. Letting it dry naturally every now and again will help your hair recover from heat damage. It’s a good idea to put your hair in a lose clip or tie it into a loose bun (if your hair is long) when it dries so you will be left with natural volume and waves.

If your hair is oily don’t over wash it. If you wash your hair all the time it’s easier for oil to seep into. This means that actually washing your hair everyday is worse if you have oily hair. When you do wash your hair use a ph balanced shampoo and really wash your hair from the roots. When applying conditioner apply from the middle to the ends, making sure to avoid the roots, as conditioner can cause your hair to become oily.

Dandruff. Dandruff is caused by our skin shedding, as it does everyday and we actually get a new coating of skin around every 28 days. Dandruff becomes a lot more noticeable when one of our natural micro organisms on our scalp irritates our skin, causing it to shed a lot quicker. To help your dandruff it’s a good idea to firstly start by using an anti dandruff shampoo everyday. It’s a good idea to rotate these shampoos so that your scalp doesn’t become immune to the different active ingredients. Another remedy is to use vinegar water to your hair. Just add 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water and rub into your scalp. After leaving it overnight you can wash this out, and the vinegar smell won’t stay as it will evaporate.

Colouring your hair. Colouring your hair is very popular among us girls and can give us a feel of being a new person. But if this is your first time it may be an idea to stick to these few steps. Colour your hair subtle at first this will make sure that you don’t regret any drastic changes. It’s an idea to maybe try a semi permanent dye first to see if you like the colour before you get it dyed permanently. Its best to go to a trained hairdresser to get your hair dyed this will illuminate any home dying mistakes.

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Banned drugs and medicine


India has become a dumping ground for banned drugs; also the business for production of banned drugs is booming. Plz make sure that u buy drugs ! only if prescribed by a doctor(Also, ask which company manufactures it, this would help to ensure that u get what is prescribed at the Drug Store) and that also from a reputed drug store. Not many people know about these banned drugs and consume them causing a lot of damage to themselves. We forward Jokes and other junk all the time. This is far more important.

DANGEROUS DRUGS HAVE BEEN GLOBALLY DISCARDED BUT ARE AVAILABLE IN INDIA .. The most common ones are action 500 & Nimulid. Others are ….

cold and cough. Reason for ban : stroke.
Brand name : Vicks Action-500

This is a pain-killer. Reason for ban: Bone marrow depression.
Brand name: ! Novalgin

Acidity, constipation. Reason for ban : irregular heartbeat
Brand name : Ciza, Syspride

Anti-depressant. Reason for ban : Irregular heartbeat.
Brand name : Droperol

Antidiarrhoeal. Reason for ban : Cancer.
Brand name : Furoxone, Lomofen

Painkiller, fever. Reason for ban : Liver failure.
Brand name : Nise, Nimulid

Antibacterial cream. Reason for ban : Cancer.
Brand name : Furacin

Laxative.. Reason for ban : Cancer.
Brand name : Agarol

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. Reason for ban : Bone marrow depression.
Brand name : Sioril

Anti-worms.. Reason for ban : Nerve damage.
Brand name : Piperazine

Anti-diarrhoeal. Reason for ban : Damage to sight.
Brand name: Enteroquinol

Ouch,900 Needles in 1 Leg

900 Needles in one Leg (A World Record)


Natural therapy 4 Heart Vein

Natural therapy for heart vain opening

For Heart Vein opening
1) Lemon juice 01 cup
2) Ginger juice 01 cup
3) Garlic juice 01 cup
4) Apple vinegar 01 cup

Mix all above and boil in light flame approximately half hour, when it becomes 3 cups, take it out and keep it
for cooling. After cooling, mix 3 cups of natural honey and keep it in bottle.

Every morning before breakfast use one Table spoon regularly.

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Signs and symptoms of STRESSs

Signs and symptoms of stress overload

Cognitive Symptoms
-Memory problems
-Inability to concentrate
-Poor judgment
-Seeing only the negative
-Anxious or racing thoughts
-Constant worrying

Emotional Symptoms
-Irritability or short temper
-Agitation, inability to relax
-Feeling overwhelmed
-Sense of loneliness and isolation
-Depression or general unhappiness

Physical Symptoms
-Aches and pains
-Diarrhea or constipation
-Nausea, dizziness
-Chest pain, rapid heartbeat
-Loss of sex drive
-Frequent colds

Behavioral Symptoms
-Eating more or less
-Sleeping too much or too little
-Isolating yourself from others
-Procrastinating or neglecting responsibilities
-Using alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs to relax
-Nervous habits (e.g. nail biting, pacing)

Keep in mind that the signs and symptoms of stress can also be caused by other psychological and medical problems. If you’re experiencing any of the warning signs of stress, it’s important to see a doctor for a full evaluation. Your doctor can help you determine whether or not your symptoms are stress-related.