What is herbal flower tea?


Types of herbal flower tea
-Chrysanthemum Herbal Tea
-Chamomile Lavender Herbal Tea
-Raspberry Herbal Tea
-Tea Flowers Herbal Tea
-Spearmint Herbal Tea
-Hibiscus Herbal Tea
-Gingko Herbal Tea
-Lotus Flower Tea
-Roselle Herbal Tea

How to dry herbs:
1) Air drying: Simply tie them in bunches (about 5-6 flowers in every bunch) and hang them upside-down in a dark and dry place, about 70 F. Depending on what kind of herb you are drying it can take a few days and up to weeks for them to dry completely. For thicker parts or heavier roots it may take more than a year.
2)Oven drying: Put the herbs on a sheet in a thin layer and place them in a low setting oven.
3)Microwave drying: Put the herbs on a plate and set the microwave on low. According to your microwave and how much herbs you have in it, it can take about 2-5 minutes.
4)To dry leaves and flowers: Spread the leaves and flowers in a basket. This will take about 1-2 weeks before it’s dried.
5)To dry seeds: Hang bunches of flowers inside a paper bag. The dried seeds will fall down to the bottom of the bag.

About herbal flower tea
-Drink a cupful three times a day for chronic conditions.
-Some herbs can also be frozen. Specially herbs with soft leaves like Comfrey, Basil, Borage, Fennel, Dill and Parsley.
-Green tea has always been the healthier of the three main types, because it is processed less after it is picked.
-Each organic herbal tea has its own properties and each is an integral inclusion into your healthful routine.

What is herbal flower tea?

The tea is made of the dried parts of all edible plants like roots, stem, leaves, flowers and skins and, with or without tea leaves, it is called herbal flower tea.

The history of herbal flower tea is long and people have studied it since ancient times in both China and Western countries. A drink which has been popular among people for many years, this tea does not contain caffeine, has a low content of tannin and calories but is rich in vitamins and minerals.

It is considered beneficial to the promotion of good health and for hundreds of years people have used it as a mild auxiliary therapy. Most of the time, it has no side effects.

(Source: Women of China English Monthly)


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