Beauty Tips for Hair

Beauty Tips for Hair

Every girls favourite feature is her hair, and we spend lots of time grooming it re styling it and changing its colour. All these things though unfortunately can damage your hair, and lead it to become limp over time. These few hair care tips should help keep your hair looking young and bouncy.

Treat your hair let it dry naturally. When you blow dry straighten, and curl your hair all the heat will cause damage to your hair leaving it dry and brittle. Letting it dry naturally every now and again will help your hair recover from heat damage. It’s a good idea to put your hair in a lose clip or tie it into a loose bun (if your hair is long) when it dries so you will be left with natural volume and waves.

If your hair is oily don’t over wash it. If you wash your hair all the time it’s easier for oil to seep into. This means that actually washing your hair everyday is worse if you have oily hair. When you do wash your hair use a ph balanced shampoo and really wash your hair from the roots. When applying conditioner apply from the middle to the ends, making sure to avoid the roots, as conditioner can cause your hair to become oily.

Dandruff. Dandruff is caused by our skin shedding, as it does everyday and we actually get a new coating of skin around every 28 days. Dandruff becomes a lot more noticeable when one of our natural micro organisms on our scalp irritates our skin, causing it to shed a lot quicker. To help your dandruff it’s a good idea to firstly start by using an anti dandruff shampoo everyday. It’s a good idea to rotate these shampoos so that your scalp doesn’t become immune to the different active ingredients. Another remedy is to use vinegar water to your hair. Just add 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water and rub into your scalp. After leaving it overnight you can wash this out, and the vinegar smell won’t stay as it will evaporate.

Colouring your hair. Colouring your hair is very popular among us girls and can give us a feel of being a new person. But if this is your first time it may be an idea to stick to these few steps. Colour your hair subtle at first this will make sure that you don’t regret any drastic changes. It’s an idea to maybe try a semi permanent dye first to see if you like the colour before you get it dyed permanently. Its best to go to a trained hairdresser to get your hair dyed this will illuminate any home dying mistakes.

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