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How to Select a Handbag

How to Select a Handbag that Accentuates your Physique

By Susan M. Keenan

The accessories that we include with our outfit are just as important as the clothes themselves. Other people tend to notice these things, especially women.

If we are trying to capture someone�s attention, especially a man�s, then we want the man�s eye to be drawn to one of our best features. The size and style of our purse can be a critical decision in this process. The place where the handbag meets our body determines where the eyes will be drawn to look.

The handbag should not be glaringly different from the rest of the outfit, but rather it should blend with it. It should also be spacious enough that it can hold all of the items that we will be carrying with us. Optimally, the color and design of your handbags should be versatile enough to go with more than one outfit.

Tips for selecting the right bag to accentuate your physique:


    If your body type is overly abundant from the waist down, then the best strategy for you is to select a small purse with a short strap. This type tucks in nicely under the arm, draws the observers eye upward, and doesn�t add any to the lower half.If your body type is generously endowed on the upper half, then a larger bag with a longer strap that takes the attention away from your bosom will do nicely.

    For the thin and sleek body, a large, floppy type of bag will add a little something to your look. Any bulky type of handbag will also help to add a new dimension.

    For the well endowed everywhere body frame, a smaller bag with a hint of color or a subtle pattern may do the trick. You may want to use a purse that has a short to medium length strap. This way, you can focus the attention to the upper half of your body rather than the full view.

    For that perfect hourglass body (and yes, wouldn’t I love to have one of those), you have a multitude of choices. Anything goes for this woman, as long as it goes with the outfit!













Beautiful Long Lashes

You always see celebrities with beautiful long lashes. Now you can also get their look by doing these easy tips:

1. Make sure that your face is clean. Before putting the fake mascara line your upper lash with a dark eyeliner pencil.

2. Apply a thin coat of mascara and let it dry.

3. Check the fake lashes band if it�s right width. Sometimes they can be longer. Trim it exactly the right width of your lash line.

4. Some artificial lashes has adhesive on the band. While others has to be done separately. Use a toothpick to in putting the adhesive to the lashes. Dab a thin coat and wait a few seconds to allow the adhesive to become tacky.

5. Press on the lashes bands from the inner to the outer corners of your eyes, placing them as close to your own natural lash line as possible. Hold them for a few seconds until they are set.

6. You can apply another coat of mascara if you want.

7. When removing the fake lashes. Apply a makeup remover and let it penetrate to the glue. It will be easier to take them off without irritating your eyelids. Then gently pull off the lashes.

8. You can reuse your fake lashes as long as your clean them. When cleaning them, use a warm water and soap. A tweezers will be great in pulling off the remaining glue. Brush the lashes with a toothbrush. Store them in the original container to keep their shape.

Noni Juice Benefits

The noni fruit is a little fruit from the Polynesian and Hawaiian islands. This fruit is sacred to the Hawaiians because of all the benefits it has for the human body. The Kahunas or medicine men of the ancient islands used this strange fruit that looks like a bumpy potato, to treat everything from joint pain to digestive disorders.

Noni Juice Benefits

1)Popular in 1990s.Noni is a good source of fiber and carbohydrates.

2)The juice is the most widely used by-product but in some cultures the leaves and roots also find use. The fruit is an excellent source of nutrients including Vitamin C, niacin, potassium, Vitamin A, calcium and sodium. Research has identified the presence of 10 essential vitamins, 7 dietary minerals, and 18 amino acids.

3) Noni also contains a mixture of anthroquinones, organic acids, and xeronine.

4)Noni has been used by people with a variety of conditions. It has been used by people with immune compromising diseases like chronic fatigue syndrome to boost the immune system function. It has been reported to help stabilize blood sugar levels by diabetics and hypoglycemic.

5)Noni has been used by individuals suffering with inflammation, joint pain, and arthritis. Some people recommend Noni to improve digestive function, remove parasites, and cleanse the digestive tract.

6)Another benefit of noni juice is prevention of hair loss.

7)Emotional and mental well being- When taking noni it is suppose to rise your serotonin levels in your brain. Serotonin has been shown to boost your mood and sense of well being. When these serotonin levels are higher, they also help you to think clearer and be mentally sharper.

Merry Xmas Nail File..

Mammograms and Radiation

How to Take Care of Your Soft Contact Lenses

How to Take Care of Your Soft Contact Lenses

Soft contact lenses are a wonderful thing to have in this day and age. When contacts first came out, they were hard, uncomfortable, expensive, and difficult to take care of. Advances in eye wear technology have brought contact lenses a long way.

There are now brands that offer lenses in a wide array of colours. There are lenses available for those with astigmatism, and there are even contacts with bifocals for those who need them to read.

No matter what kind of contact lenses you might wear, there are a few things you need to know about how to properly care for them. Doing so will keep you seeing well and protect the health of your eyes.

How to Clean Contact Lenses

There are many cleaning solutions on the market today. Your eye doctor will most likely recommend a certain brand depending on which contacts you wear. It’s important to follow the recommendations and directions of your eye care professional. They are trained to know how to prevent eye infections and diseases, which can be easily acquired through the wear of contact lenses.

Most contact lens cleansers are a ‘no rub’ solution. In the old days, you would need to thoroughly rub your lenses on the palm of your hand, rinse them, and soak them in solution for at least 6 hours overnight. Now, you can pop them into the storage case with some solution and rinse them off thoroughly before putting them on the next day.

Try not to rinse your contact lenses with plain tap water. In a pinch it will do. For instance, you may get a speck of dirt in your eye while out of the house. If you need to remove your contacts in this situation, water will work. However, regular water can harbour bacteria that can cause infection and irritation in your eyes.

Wearing Your Lenses for the Right Length of Time

Your eye care professional will let you know the proper length of time to wear your particular brand of contacts. Some are designed for daily use, meaning they are disposed of at the end of the day. Others can last up to a month if they are not worn overnight while sleeping. It is never recommended to wear contact lenses all night as they should spend at least 6 hours a day soaking in cleaning solution to remove protein buildup.

Typically, contact lenses are worn for two weeks at a time. By then, they have lost their ability to retain the proper shape and stay fitted against your eye. In addition, they lose their comfort after so many days of buildup and cleaning. You also need to change out the lenses often so that you don’t expose your eyes to certain bacteria. The cleaning solutions may not remove everything from your lenses, and the longer you wear them, the more you put your eyes at risk for disease.

Besides wearing your lenses for the proper length of time, you need to be concerned with just plain wearing them properly. Never wear someone else’s lenses, even if they come from an unopened package. Your prescription is unique to you. Also, most lenses now come with a “marker” on them, which when held up to the light will help you determine if your contacts are inside out. Hold your lens up to the light before inserting them to ensure you are putting them in correctly.

Taking Care of Yourself to Avoid Eye Problems

There is more to wearing contacts than taking care of the lenses themselves. It is also very important that you take care of yourself in order to protect your eyes and their health. Eye care professionals can give you tips and ideas on how to maintain proper eye health, but if you are wearing contacts there are a couple basics to know.

If you have worn contacts for some time, you may have noticed that when your eyes are dry it is harder to see. Vision is blurry and the contacts become uncomfortable. Chronic dry eyes is a problem for many people, and ideally you should be wearing glasses instead of contacts. However, if you are having this problem and are wearing contacts, the number one thing to remember is to stay hydrated. Drink more water than usual, especially in the warmer months.

Keeping moisturising drops with you at all times also helps when your eyes get dry. However, if you are dehydrated, those drops will only work for so long. For very chronic cases, some doctors will recommend a daily supplement of flax seed oil or fish oil. A small amount will go a long way in keeping your bodily fluids replenished, including the tears in your eyes. Proper hydration will protect your eye health, protect the life of your contact lenses, and make your vision through them clearer than you imagined.

One Pot Meal(crock-pot cooking)

Cooking made easy – in just one pot

No rush, just slow cook it…. and it is good for health.





Japanese Shabu shabu allows diners to laugh and share and drink and cook and eat all together over the course of a leisurely meal. The natural pacing of a shabu shabu meal allows for a healthier pace of eating.

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Hours in advance, we can add ingredients to the crock pot and let the pot do the work. The smell of home cooking fills our homes much of the day. The results are often fabulous and especially nutritious (nutritious liquids are not as easily vaporized and lost when food is slow-cooked).

Hot stew is a great way to ensure your family gets sufficient vegetables in your diet. There’s no limit to the number and types of vegetables you can add to a stew.

The slow cooker stew can be a delicious and healthy family meal. It’s easy to prepare and you can create lots of tasty variations by altering the vegetables and meats you add.

For those of you that work away from home, the crock-pot/slow cooker is safe enough to leave turned on low all day. When you get home, most of your dinner is cooked and ready to eat!