One Pot Meal(crock-pot cooking)

Cooking made easy – in just one pot

No rush, just slow cook it…. and it is good for health.





Japanese Shabu shabu allows diners to laugh and share and drink and cook and eat all together over the course of a leisurely meal. The natural pacing of a shabu shabu meal allows for a healthier pace of eating.

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Hours in advance, we can add ingredients to the crock pot and let the pot do the work. The smell of home cooking fills our homes much of the day. The results are often fabulous and especially nutritious (nutritious liquids are not as easily vaporized and lost when food is slow-cooked).

Hot stew is a great way to ensure your family gets sufficient vegetables in your diet. There’s no limit to the number and types of vegetables you can add to a stew.

The slow cooker stew can be a delicious and healthy family meal. It’s easy to prepare and you can create lots of tasty variations by altering the vegetables and meats you add.

For those of you that work away from home, the crock-pot/slow cooker is safe enough to leave turned on low all day. When you get home, most of your dinner is cooked and ready to eat!



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