6 secrets of sensual love making for men

6 secrets of sensual love making tips to turn your sex life from ordinary to extraordinary!

1. Creating the Mood

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to realize that a romantic setting can help relax and set your partner’s mood for some hot sensual fun. So use it to your advantage. Dim the lights and play your partner’s favorite music to create the romantic atmosphere for hot and exciting sex with your partner.

2. Converse and Compliment

Romantic conversation is a form of foreplay for the ladies and most women will melt when you compliment them on their beauty in a romantic situation. Compliment your woman’s body during foreplay to help her relax and it will definitely turn her on and make her want you even more.

3. Intensify Foreplay

All great sex begins with foreplay. Many women require at least 15 minutes of foreplay to get turned on enough for sex and many have also reported that foreplay is their favorite and most satisfying part of sex. Explore, kiss, touch, stroke, lick her to blow her away and you will become your woman’s favorite lover.

4. Oral Required

Many women can’t orgasm solely from direct intercourse. If you are looking to give your woman some mind blowing sex, use your hands and tongue to touch, rub and lick her clitoris to make her come first. Not only will you become your woman’s wildest fantasy but she will also return you the sexual favor many times more.

5. Eye Contact

During both foreplay and sex it is important that you smile and maintain eye contact with your partner. This simple action of yours will make her feel connected and appreciated, making both your love making process more sensual and intense. These little things add up for the woman and she will come back to you wanting more.

6. Be Wild

Don’t be afraid to explore and break free from your usual routine to become a great lover. The real secrets of sensual love making are actually nothing more than being more imaginative and passionate to bring your woman over the edge and allowing her to have


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