Aromatherapy Oils can help with Hay Fever Hangovers and Jet Lag

Aromatherapy Oils can help with Hay Fever Hangovers and Jet Lag
Hangovers can leave you with an upset stomach or nausea. Try re-hydrating your body by drinking lots of water and use rose essential oil.

Add a couple of drops to your drinking water to help your liver detoxify and flush out the toxins.

Tip: make a cold compress by mixing one drop of juniper and fennel oil. Smooth over your forehead to bring relief.

Hay fever is an allergy which causes great distress. Summer months are the worst when the pollen count can make a person’s eyes stream and with continuous sneezing.

There is no cure for hay fever, however, place six drops of the essential oil hyssop in a large bowl of hot water. Take a towel and place over your head and inhale the vapour. Do not try this if you are an epileptic.

When you take a journey on a long flight jet lag can occur. This is due to the change of eating and sleeping patterns. While you are on the aeroplane, drink plenty of water and avoid alcoholic drinks; sleep as much as you can.

Massage a mixture of Ylang ylang, Rosemary and Lemon essential oil, with a base carrier oil such as Olive or Sweet Almond, on the back of your neck and skull.

Posted: March 20, 2009


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