Right Combs and Brushes

Combs and Brushes

Combs and brushes have been around for over 5,000 years and is something everyone needs, and uses everyday. There are different kinds of combs and brushes found around you today made from different materials to suit different hair types and needs.

When choosing a hair brush or comb, it is important to choose one wisely as the wrong choice can damage your hair. Choose the right comb or brush while taking your hair length, thickness and texture into consideration. It should be noted that the roots of any hair damage that you may have is all related to the type of comb or brush that you use. The main reason is because the hair fibers tend to get pulled out with brushing.

Whichever comb and brush you use for your hair care, it is important that it is not used on wet hair. This is because when the hair is wet, the roots become soft and is easily pulled out when you roll the comb and brush. With the use of steel combs and brushes, you can maintain a more sophisticated outlook; however in the process, you are only adding to the damage of the hair.

It is always better to use some hair softener to prevent any tangles from forming after you shampoo your hair. It is better to then start brushing your hair using a comb with soft bristles where there are wide gaps in between the teeth. This is because the wider is the gap between the bristles, the easier it is to roll the comb and brush on the hair. Moreover, such combs and brushes will not get stuck in between the strands of hair and thus, a reduction in the hair being pulled, and falling out.

If you have to brush your hair when the hair is wet, it is better to brush in the reverse order. This offers two benefits where the tangles can be removed when drying the hair using a towel and also helps protect the roots of the hair. It is always better to avoid touching the roots of the hair with the comb and brush.

Different combs and brushes are suitable for different types and cuts of hair. Large brushes having a round shape with bristles in all directions is best to use with hair that is middle length and styled with layer, step or bob cut. With this brush, it is possible to set your layers of hair into perfection.

It is better to use long and large toothed hair combs for long hair. This helps you in brushing your hair while maintaining its length; in fact, you can also apply a flip style for more attraction to your hair. Hair that is cut with a mushroom cut or patch boy style, it is better to first pump your hair with a blow dryer and then use a soft bristle comb.

There are different types of combs and brushes in the market today. However, you don’t just use any comb or brush for your hair care as different hair types and lengths is handled better by different combs and brushes.


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  1. Very interesting and informative article not only for the beautician but also for a common girls that uses combs and brushes at home thanks for sharing.


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