Are You Skipping Meals

Are You Skipping Meals

Are you skipping meals as part of a diet plan? If you skip any meals, you have a great chance of storing your next meal as fat. People who do not eat very often, “train” their bodies to believe it will not be eating for a while. Therefore, the body stores everything we give it for its future energy needs. In other words, the body stores much of what we eat as you guessed it, FAT! A weight loss plan should not include skipping meals.

Do not put your body in a “starvation mode”. eat 3-5 very small meals a day— almost snacking! This will boost your metabolism and allow your body to better burn off the things you eat.

When are you eating? Do you eat more at night or during the day? If you eat at night right before bed, you have a greater tendency to store that food as fat! Try to eat your biggest meal at breakfast, a medium meal at lunch and a light dinner. Drink MRP’s in between meals or as meals by themselves. Try not to eat within 3 hours of the time you go to bed. The metabolic process slows down drastically when we rest. If there is food in our stomach that has not been fully digested by the time we go to bed, there is a strong possibility that food will be stored as fat!This means that all the hard work you did during the day may be negated by storage of fat at night!

Here is an example:
You get up in the morning get ready for work and rush out the door without eating breakfast. A hectic day leads to a late lunch at 12:30. You eat what you believe is a low fat, well-balanced meal. Now think about this, you have not eaten anything for around 18 hours (since dinner the night before). 18 hours, that’s huge! And, believe me, your body knows this! So when you do eat, even if you do eat low fat, your body is going to store everything you eat, because you have trained it to know that there is a strong possibility it will not be refueled again for another 18 hours.

Another thing to consider is that our bodies can only digest so much food at a time. Consider this: person A is eating 1500 calories a day and person B is also eating 1500 calories a day. Both person A and person B have the approximately the same body structures and chemical make-up. Person A eats 5 meals consisting of 300 calories per meal and person B eats 3 meals at 500 calories per meal. Person B puts a lot of stress on his body because his body has a hard time digesting 500 calories at a time while person A’s body has no problem digesting 300 calories at a time.

For this reason, person B can’t lose weight while person A does lose weight by eating the exact same amount of calories. The reason for this is person B usually stores a little of each meal as fat because his body just can’t handle digesting 500 calories at a time.

[500 & 300 calories were just examples used for simplicity]

When you decide to begin a diet plan for weight loss or health issues, Simply put, skipping meals is unhealthy.


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