Quantum pendant

Quantum pendant is made up of a revolutionary material from a mineral that is infused of perpetual energy which is beneficial to the body and blood circulatory function.

– The quantum pendant when placed touching your body gives additional strength improves your flexibility and balance. These mind-boggling effects to the human body because of the characteristics of its materials have stirred up a lot of curiosity, interests and even controversies because of the science surrounding this phenomenon is yet unknown to the average minds, and quite difficult to comprehend without deep knowledge in chemistry and physics including the science of scalar energy.

  • Emits natural Scalar Healing Frequencies
  • Resonates, optimises and enhances your energy fields and your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states
  • Help’s increase the cellular energy of the trillions of cells in your body boosting overall energy, stamina and endurance levels
  • Strengthen’s the bonds that hold your DNA together
  • Improves cell wall permeability to improve nutrient absorption and detoxification
  • Promotes a healthy heart and circulation
  • Shown to improve immune health by 149%!
  • Help’s suppress pain and reduce stress
  • Energises your drinking water
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