Toilet Etiquette – in the Home

Toilet Etiquette – in the Home

Consider the rest of the family and your guests

Always keep a spare roll of toilet paper in the toilet
Knock first if the toilet or bathroom appears to be occupied

Do not take reading material into the toilet

Don’t hog the toilet/bathroom, especially if there is only one

Lock the toilet/bathroom door when you enter. You may embarrass someone

Use the exhaust fan so you don’t asphyxiate yourself or the next occupant

Guys, stand close enough to the pan or urinal so you don’t dribble on the floor

Concentrate when you pee so you don’t wet the seat, walls or floor

Sit on the pan if you are unsteady on your feet

Girls; sitting is compulsory (smile)

Squat only on squatting toilets, pedestal toilets are for sitting on only

Avoid messing the toilet seat. If you do, clean up after yourself – properly

Remember to flush the toilet after use

The toilet brush is for cleaning the inside of the toilet bowl after you have used the toilet

Check whether you need to use it

Don’t leave it for someone else to clean up after you

Flush it again

Girls’ sanitary napkins should not be flushed down the toilet but be wrapped and disposed of in a suitable receptacle

Good toilet etiquette for guys AND girls is to leave the toilet seat AND the seat cover down when you leave the toilet

It’s neat for one thing, and prevents accidents for another

Why is this an issue?

Wash your hands thoroughly after your business – whatever it is

Leave toilet/bathroom door ajar when you leave – to indicate that it is unoccupied

Don’t pee in the shower

Host; please provide your guests with any toiletries they might need such as soap, towel, toothpaste, toothbrush, facewash and so on


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