happy feet

Did you know that 25% of our bones are in our feet? During our lifetime, we can walk as many miles as the distance from the earth to the moon? Runners hit the ground with 2.5 times their their body weight? The most common foot injury is a tie between ankle sprains and plantar fasciitis? Each foot contains 33 joints? Plantar warts come from walking barefoot – the virus enters through broken skin on the bottom of the feet?

Our feet are our gateway to muscular and structural health. I can’t express strongly enough the importance of keeping them healthy! Do you remember the old song about the foot bone being connected to…? It’s true! Everything is connected, and when our feet are not working correctly, other joints are thrown off too, such as our knees and hips. This post will outline a few essentials for great foot care.

Shoe suggestions
If you have a normal arch, pick a shoe that has good stability for your ankle, but has no extra cushioning. For high arches, extra cushioning is essential. Flat feet, or low arches, require a shoe that provides extra motion control so that the foot & ankle don’t roll inward & so that the leg and foot muscles and tendons don’t have to work too hard.

Make sure your shoes fit! Here’s the test: Draw an outline of your foot on a piece of paper. Then trace your shoe on top of the foot on that paper. Does the shoe fit? Simple as that!

The heel of your shoe should be stiff. Look at the shoe from the back (ankle side) – it should not lean or tilt to one side. The arch shouldn’t bend or twist. The shoe should bend at the ball of the foot, not at the arch of the foot.

Foot Care
Weight Loss – get the extra strain off your feet.

Stretch frequently to remain flexible.

Foot pain is not normal! Please listen to your body!

Improve your balance as often as you can, whenever you can! Overall body posture is key to good health, and having a great sense of balance is important. Pilates, Yoga and Thai Chi are great for this.

Foot massages such as Thai Foot Massage increase circulation and flexibility as well as work on trigger points, help with edema, range of motion, relieve pain, fatigue and help your knees and hips.

As I’m going through all of my notes, I’m realizing that i just have too much information to share in one post. Look for a follow up: Great Tips for Healthy Feet II!


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