How To Eat Healthy At A Party

How To Eat Healthy At A Party
Make It A Game To Beat The Food

Parties can trigger overeating for several reasons – maybe you like to have your hand on food because you’re nervous. Maybe they’re serving food you rarely eat because you pick healthy choices or maybe, it’s the simplest answer that you didn’t get a chance to grab a snack prior and you’re very hungry. It’s hard when there is lots of food, readily available and sometimes even a waiter that has a large serving platter at eye level with a napkin and a welcoming gesture. Here are a few tips to help you get through the party:

The food usually isn’t that good.
Most party planners know that the food really isn’t that good. It’s hard to make large quanities of fabulous food so very few places do. Before you partake in the tray favorites of “fried goat cheese” or “stuffed mushrooms” keep in mind that it’s just filler food and it’s usually drenched in butter just to make it taste passable.

Camp out at the fruit bowl.
Almost every party has a fruit table or a vegetable table. If you’re the nervous type, keep a glass of perrier in one hand and chunks of fruit in your other hand at all time. If you “binge” on fruit all night, you’ll be getting some much needed nutrients and some cleansing of the system.

If you’re going to drink alcohol, stick with the non-creamy, non-fruity drinks.
Not only does the cream and fruity mixes have a lot of calories, they are loaded with sugar almost certain to give you a much worse hangover. Plus, when they spill, they make your dress look terrible for the rest of the night. Stick with white wine or the “clear” choices.

As with dinners, skip the bread basket and follow the 3 bite rule for dessert.
Stay away from the bread, which is usually easier to do at a party because you can walk around and find the other choices. When the dessert comes out, have three bites and throw your napkin across the plate as soon as bite number three happens. Then, get up and go dance or chat with someone you haven’t seen in a while. Parties are great places to chat – it doesn’t have to be all about the food. Make it about the connections and drink a large glass of water when you get home. You’ll feel better in the morning.


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