Menopause is a natural part of every woman’s life

It doesn’t have to be that way! Menopause is a natural part of every woman’s life – and with it brings a freedom that you haven’t felt since you were a little girl! Whether you are experiencing Menopause because of surgery, medication, or just because it’s time, I have several tools that will help you get through it with ease!

During this journey, your body is going through significant change. The importance of adequate rest must be part of your prescription for health. In addition to overall relaxation, frequent bodywork sessions will help your sore back, stress, anxiety, fatigue, sore feet and also headaches. You might find that longer sessions are beneficial. Some women need the extra time to let go and relax, and find that the traditional hour session ends right when they’ve gotten to their most relaxed state. Join my Fan Page and receive updates on special pricing and events!

By now you know that weight bearing exercise is essential to keeping strong bones and lean muscle mass. Exercise can also help to alleviate hot flashes and mood swings. What’s the best exercise treatment for you? That depends on your lifestyle. I work with several women who are seeing great benefit from Pilates classes, while some prefer yoga and still others live in the gym. These days, there’s millions of options out there, from video games such as Wii Fit to Zumba classes, belly dancing and of course just taking the dog out for a brisk walk. The main idea is: get out there and do something!

Experts agree that during this time we are highly susceptible to weight gain and obesity-related illnesses. Because of this, and because our health is so important, we need to eliminate all junk food from our diet. Consuming foods with natural plant estrogens will help. These include but are not limited to: apples, barley, carrots, flax seed, olive oil, papaya, peas, soybeans, tomatoes and yams. In addition, adequate protein is essential. Protein, and an amino acid called Luceine, help you hold on to that lean muscle mass while losing weight, which helps guard against osteoporosis and maintain metabolic rates which normally decrease dramatically during Menopause. Sugar is also a big no-no, but an even bigger temptation. Keep low-glycemic snack options around you such as almonds, and these great snack bars that have 10 grams of protein.

Natural HRT
For years, ‘HRT or Not to HRT’ has filled every conversation having to do with menopause. Rightly so, it’s important no matter what you choose, to do so safely. While I’m not an expert on synthetic hormones, I can tell you about the Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy options that changed my life.

Black Cohosh, as found in this Menopause Balance Complex, has been proven to help regulate hormonal balance. Hot flashes will slow way down, and before you know it, you won’t have them at all. You will sleep better and have better control overall of your Menopausal symptoms.

I can’t live without GLA. Gamma Linolenic Acid helps our body to create prostaglandins – hormone like substances that help regulate many bodily processes such as healthy blood flow, protection of arterial walls, dryness, and improving the immune system. Rich in Omega-6, GLA also helps with hormone-related headaches. GLA has also been reported to reduce the size of fibroids.

Following these suggestions will help you – and if I can help you in any way, please contact me. Wellness Assessments can help us get to the root of your symptoms and feel much, much better!


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