Flying during Pregnancy

Flying during Pregnancy

Is it safe to fly during pregnancy
Many mothers-to-be will be wondering if it is safe to fly during pregnancy. The safety of their unborn child will be foremost in their minds, while they carry out their other roles as wife and employee. Sometimes, the air travel might have been pre-planned way ahead of time, even before they were not pregnant, and they had to go ahead with the plans, either for business or holiday.
Although guidelines for the airlines may vary, generally, the pregnant mother will have to get medically certified letter from her medical doctor to certify that she is in good health and fit to fly. Keep an emergency contact sheet with her at all times complete with details of emergency contact persons, pregnancy due date, and any medical problems or allergies that she may be having.
Drink plenty of water and fresh fruit juice to prevent dehydration caused by the low humidity in the cabin. The fruit juice would keep up energy and provide the antioxidants needed to keep the immune system strong. Avoid caffeine and any drinks which contains caffeine, such as Coke, tea and coffee.

Buckle the in-flight safety belt below the belly and secure it on the hipbones. Do not buckle it across the belly, as in the event of a plane crash, it could cause the tearing of the placenta and place the unborn baby at risk.
For more information on Air Pregnancy Precautions, read this article.. .


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  1. Posted by Mark Stanly on November 10, 2010 at 3:07 pm

    I guess I saw his article in Air Asia Magazine 3-Sixty, when I was flying to Bali for honeymoon……
    GOOD site as he has FREE medical website…
    While Ecofrenhealth has a great site here as well…

    Keep it up….GO GO GO !!!!


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