herbs for bowel and body detoxification

herbs for bowel and body detoxification

A combination of botanicals, fiber (as discussed above), and probiotics are the usual components of effective bowel cleansing products and packages. In this section we will discuss herbs that help cleanse the gastro-intestinal system and heal the body. They include: butternut, ginger, cayenne pepper, capsicum, senna, glycyrrhizin (a licorice component), licorice, rhubarb, cascada sagrada, and garlic bulb.

Butternut – Effective against different types of fungi, including highly resistant strains.

Ginger – Effective against different types of fungi, including highly resistant strains.

Cayenne Pepper – A strong antifungal and particularly effective against candida.

Capsicum – Used as a digestive aid to ease intestinal inflammation, stimulate protective mucus membranes of the stomach, and also relieve pain caused by ulcers.

Senna – Helps to control constipation. Also exhibits antifungal and antimicrobial effects.

Licorice – Demonstrated ability to inhibit E. Coli.

Rhubarb – Inhibits candida and E. Coli as well as some intestinal bacteria (bacteroides fragilis)

Glycyrrhizin – May reduce susceptibility to Candida albicans.

Cascada Sagrada – Effectively combined with fiber to help the intestinal tract function optimally. Contains laxative properties which make it useful for individuals who suffer from constipation.

Garlic Bulb – Alliin is the sulfur-containing compound in garlic that has anti-microbial, anti-oxidative properties. It is effective against a variety of fungal organisms. Garlic’s anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties are well documented.


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