UV Light Against Anthrax

UV Light Against Anthrax
Anthrax can be reduced with the use of ultraviolet 254 lamps and fixtures. In fact, when used correctly, these UVC fixtures will reduce up to 99% of airborne mold, bacteria and other microorganisms including Anthrax spores*.

However, to effectively minimize the danger using ultraviolet light, the Anthrax spores must not be mixed with any other substance. Additionally, the spores must come in direct contact with the UV light.

Ultraviolet fixtures housed within a building’s air ducts would prove quite effective in destroying up to 99% of the threat posed by airborne Anthrax. However, UV light cannot penetrate surfaces and would, therefore, not be an effective countermeasure against Anthrax contained in a package or letter.

American Ultraviolet specializes in products for UV curing, germicidal operations and water disinfecting. In this time of widespread panic we feel it is our duty to help educate the public on the realities of UV-C sterilization against the spread of Anthrax.

Founded in 1960, American Ultraviolet is one of the most experienced manufacturers of UV products in the U.S. It is headquartered in Lebanon, Indiana and has offices in Murray Hill, New Jersey; Beaufort, South Carolina; Torrance, California; and Romeoville, Illinois.


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