David Albadr Trabanino – Cerebral Palsy

David Albadr Trabanino – *Cerebral Palsy

NAME: David Albadr Trabanino
SEX: Male
AGE: 8 months
DIAGNOSIS: Cerebral palsy
COUNTRY: Guatemala
Days at our hospital: 35

NAME: David Albadr Trabanino
SEX: Male
COUNTRY: Guatemala
AGE: 1
DIAGNOSIS: *Cerebral Palsy

David’s mother became pregnant when she was 30 years old, and during the 34th week of the pregnancy, the fetus’s movements were observed to be abnormal. David’s mother underwent a caesarian section for both of her sons. David’s weight was 6Kg and his height was 51cm. The Apgar score was 7-8 points. David had difficulty with breathing because of an oxygen deficit. He was received by the department of pediatrics and his hypoxic symptoms were alleviated. When David was one month old, his mother noticed some differences between him and his twin brother. David��s eyesight was poor and he had difficulty following objects. Also, the movement in his limbs was limited, as was his sucking movement and swallowing ability. He required 40-60his food minutes to eat .

The MRI examination showed immense pathological changes in the cortex, affecting both the parietal and occipital lobes. This was thought to be the result of hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy and appropriate rehabilitation treatment was suggested. Soon after, David was presented with muscle tonic contractions in all four limbs and these seizures occurred several times each day. David was put on Oxcarbazepine for the treatment, which proved to be effective and the frequency of the seizures decreased. David also experienced food reflux and hiccups for about 2 months, then his family fed him a special type of mild powder and both the food reflux and hiccups were alleviated. Although during that time, David was constipated.

Presently, David is 8 months old and his mental development lags behind other children his age. His eyesight is poor and he has difficulty pronouncing double syllable words, is unable to turn over, sit up independently, crawl or raise his head. The muscle strength of all four limbs is weak, with the left limbs being weaker.

When David’s parents researched stem cell therapy on the internet, they found that Wu Stem Cells Medical Center is the best option for stem cell treatment in China. After consulting with their family doctor, the decision was made to come to our medical center for treatment of David��s symptoms.

Before the start of the comprehensive stem cell treatment, we gave David a complete examination, and he was diagnosed with Cerebral palsy. Then we administered the stem cells transplantation and stem cells activation treatment to repair the damage to the neurons. David received treatment to improve the blood circulation in order to increase the blood supply to the damaged neurons and to give nourishment to the neurons. He was also given daily physical rehabilitation training.

David’s current condition has shown good improvement. His height has increased by 3cm and his weight has increased by 0.5kg. At present his height is 70cm and his weight is 8Kg. The activity of the left upper limb is more flexible than before. Occasionally, David can hold the feeding bottle with both hands and feed from it. He can raise his head for a longer period of time as well.



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