The Cheburek

In Russia you often can see small kiosks selling hot food. For many years of Soviet rain it was not hotdogs or hamburgers. Such western dishes stayed unknown to Russian people. Instead they were eating the dishes that even can’t be translated but should be named with their original Russian names, such as “Chebureks” “Belyash” or “Hichin”. Mostly those were fried small patties with various feelings and were adored by almost any Russian. They didn’t know the term “vegetarian” at that times in Russia too, and nobody cared.Though there were many urban legends that it’s a good chance to buy a cheburek made of stray dogs or cats, pigeons or even rats. You could say “those rumours were spread by the competitors”, but there were no any, in Soviet times. People often told that even many of the famous Russian fur hats were made of the fur of poor stray animals. Anyways, here is the story of one Cheburek, how it is usually cooked by one of the modern famous Russian cooks.


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