How to have a healthy bust?

How to have a healthy bust?
Health and fitness advice for women

The law of gravity is always working against women, particularly those with big busts. Nothing is worse than a saggy breasts, particularly when that happens during 30s and 40s when that should not be the case. So to keep a firm bust for a long time, some simple tricks and practices are critical. We have collected these as part of our research project that eventually led to publication of an electronic book “Flat, but proud: A guide to love and life.”

The bust is an icon in all cultures. It is also one of the most neglected areas of the body because of the embarrassment associated with it, particularly here in America where any kind of display can invite trouble. If bust is too small there is problem and if it is too big, that is a problem too. In the Western cultures, the bigger bust is better while some people have told us that in some Oriental cultures, bust does not need to be too big, but there is no consensus on the subject.

How can you take care of you bust? Here is some advice for big breasted women:

1- Maintain your weight under control. Weight fluctuations affect the chest probably more than anything else. Therefore, join a more complete health program that allows you to control every dimension of weight control. Avoid all those miracle diets because you will lose weight very fast and gain it back at the same speed. These weight fluctuations make the breasts sag.

2- Get the right bra. This is our best weapon against the force of gravity. The bras have to be the right size and type. Bust size changes with time and changes in our weight. Stay alert if you notice that the size is not fitting you well. If you are not sure about your size, consult a bra fitter in a department store. Don’t buy a bra just because it is cute; also make sure that it provides all the functions of a bra. The type of bra depends on the size of the bust and your lifestyle. The larger the bust the more protection it requires. So the straps have to be strong. Women with smaller bust can use a larger variety of bras. Padded bras are sometimes very popular among flat-chested women because they can create the illusion of a larger bust. The disadvantages of the padded bra is that the skin cannot breath. If you would rather have a full-breasted look on special occasions, you might instead try an enhancer bra from time to time.
3- Stand up straight. Bad posture is also a major enemy of a beautiful bust. Good posture elevates the bust making it look bigger and giving it the right support. Exercise strengthens the muscles that support the bust. So make sure that you do that regularly. If you have problems with your posture, try to join a high-quality fitness program and seek help of a chiropractor.

4- Lack of moisturizer. The bust and the décolleté are very delicate areas and most women do not apply moisturizers in this area. The décolleté gets sun directly and thus it requires sunblock and the use of creams to preserve the youthful look.

5- Examine your bust regularly. In order to detect any abnormalities the doctors recommend to examine the bust regularly. One of the easiest ways to do it is to select specific dates in a month and stick to the same dates always (because of hormonal changes during ovulation, menstruation, etc.). During the shower raise one arm and with the other hand softly massage your breasts following up, circular movements in the shape of the number eight. (Related article: Breast massage)
6- If you exercise or run, you must always wear a sports bra. Sagging will be faster and more pronounced without proper support. A study done by a research team at Portsmouth University in England showed that bouncing (that leads to sagginess) was reduced by almost 40 percent when women wear a regular bra. However, bouncing was reduced by a considerable 78 percent when the proper sports bra was worn while jogging.


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