Best Way To Get Rid Of Severity Of Acne

Acne Lotion – Best Way To Get Rid Of Severity Of Acne

Like any other infections, acne is one kind of infection that occurs with the sebaceous glands present in your skin. These glands are connected to the hair follicles and the primary work of these glands is to release the sebum. This is kind of oil that is required to make your skin waterproof.

When the follicles and the pores present in your skin become plugged by pollution, dirt, oil or dead cells sebum gets trapped inside and thus acne are formed. This is a kind of infection and becomes severe when not treated at the earlier and right stage. Among the available medicines to the acne lotion is of the effective products.

While you are treating your acne with the help of a lotion you need to take extra care and need follow the below mentioned factors seriously:

•You need to stop using oil based make up, hair products and similar kind of cosmetic products.
•You need to avoid usage of harsh soaps and facial scrubs and cleansing products.
•Take showers on a regular basis and wash your face with the help of a gentle and mild soap.
•Don’t squeeze the mark or any kind of pimple present on your skin.
When you start using the acne lotion, the retinoic acid and other useful compound present in it promotes the sloughing of dead cells. Some doctors even advice of combining the antibiotic lotions to control the severity of the acne.

Make sure that you consult your dermatologist before using any kind of acne lotion.


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