Video Games’ Good and Bad Effects

Video Games’ Good and Bad Effects
Everybody all have to take rest after they finish working. Different people have different ways to have a rest or to be relaxed. Everybody has a lot of pressure when they are working or studying. So, after working they must find a way to relax themselves. Some people would like to watch TV to relaxes or work out in gym. But maybe most of young men will choose play video game to relax. Maybe just twenty years ago, not most of people know what video games are but now video games are very popular for young people. Furthermore, more and more people play video game in the house not only for relaxing, but also we could use it to improve our reading writing skill and get a lot of knowledge. But some people still think playing video games is not good that could lead to some social and health problem.
First of all, in some people’s opinion, video is really good way to relax. People can forget anything that is unhappy. When people playing video game, they can forget his life and work then they just come into the illusory game world. In this world people can be a hero who can save the world, can be a handsome boy who girls all love, can be a leader who can conduct a big army. In one word, in video games world you can do anything that you can’t do in fact world. Just as Quirk said “There are many positive effects of video games on some people as suggested by some researches; people play because they want to get away from their everyday life, break routine, to relive stress, allow them to cool off when they are stressful, could help people take out their anger through the game rather in real life because they are fun and interesting way to spend time.”(Para 2) People love playing video game due to the fact that they enjoy doing something they are not able to do or social doesn’t allow them doing. Because people normally life is very busy and has a lot of pressure so people must suffer the pressure from work, family or social….


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