3-yr Old Survives a 3-ft Iron Rod that Ripped through his Torso

3-yr Old Survives a 3-ft Iron Rod that Ripped through his Torso

The gods must have been with the 3 year old Mehul Kumar this holi. The lad was playing with colours on the terrace of his uncle’s under-construction building when he accidently fell and landed on an iron rod. The 3 foot long rod pierced through the boy’s torso as he fell from the terrace.

The Jharkand kid was rushed to a local hospital where he underwent a 4-hour long surgery. Though the boy lost a lot of blood in the process and suffered injuries to his stomach and liver, he could still be saved as vital organs such as his pancreas and spleen were safe.

Dr Sandeep Aggarwal carried out the crucial operation on the 3 year old successfully.

In in a similar freak accident in July last year, a New Delhi lad, Supratim Dutta was similarly saved by doctors of the prestigious All India Institute of Medical Sciences by operating and removing a 5-foot long iron rod that had pierced the boy’s chest.

– myVox


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