How To Apply Individual Eyelashes

How To Apply Individual Eyelashes

Many women feel that their current eyelashes are just not long and luxurious enough. Those that want full eyelashes need only to consider the various choices that are on the market. As a woman, you are no stranger to strange, difficult and even painful beauty regimens but with these eyelashes, it does not have to be so bad.

What’s Out There? The first step in the process is purchasing the right type of individual false eyelashes. There are several types to select from. The full lash will add density to your lash line, from one side to the next. The other option is that of individual eyelashes. These can be placed into the existing lashes that you have for a fuller look. You would use these to fill in, so to speak.

Which Is Better? You may be asking which the better choice is. If you want the easiest application, consider a full lash. On the other hand, these are not natural looking. If you have time and patience, they will be rewarded in a natural, dramatically look with individual eyelashes.

How To Apply False Eye Lashes
Once you have selected the right type of eyelash for you, you need to learn to apply them. Here are some step by step instructions for doing just that.

Place a line of eyeliner across your eyelash line. Then, use the tip of your finger to spread it slightly. When you do this, the eyelash line will be hidden so that you can better disguise your application.
Next, with clean hands, place a bit of eyelash glue onto your finger. You will then pull the full eyelash through the glue so that it is slightly covered in it. Give it about ten seconds to set. For individual eyelashes, you will want to just do this with the bottom edge of the lash.
Next, hold the individual false eyelash in your fingers and place it as close as possible in line with your eyelash line. To secure it in place, push down on the lash at the outside of your eye. You will want to place them first by the center and corner of your eye then work to the middle.
You only need to apply a couple of eyelashes per eye to have a beautiful look. Allow to dry then apply your standard eye makeup treatment.

A Few Additional Tips – Bonding individual eyelashes can help to apply several at one time, but this is often more difficult simply because it is harder to line up several eyelashes for a natural look. When you are applying individual eyelashes to white eyelashes do so carefully to avoid clumping of glue that will be noticeable.

You can add dramatic detail to your eye just by applying a few lashes. Individual eyelashes do not have to be complex to apply. If your eyes are the focal point of your facial features, consider these lashes.


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