Natural Healing Powers of Gemstones – Myth or Science

Natural Healing Powers of Gemstones – Myth or Science

By toknowinfo

Is There a Science to the Crystal Healing?
In ancient times, some cultures believed crystals had special natural healing properties. In addition to healing, crystals were also used to summon the dead, to learn about distant events and as way to tell the future. (crystal gazing known as scrying) Crystals are not a healing force, but thougt to be a reflection of energy from the forces of the universe.

Is there something to this? Well let’s look at what science can tell us about crystals. Quartz for example, is a crystal formed naturally within the earth. Crystals have a symmetrical pattern and many unique and special qualities that have been harnessed in modern technology. An electrical charge that is passed through the crystal will make it vibrate. When it is rubbed, crystal creates electrical currents. Crystal has been used in many inventions of modern times like needles for phonographs, in watches, clocks, telephones, radios., and, radar tvs, and, even in computers. Lasers use quartz crystal as a way to change the current of electricity into light and create a beam of intense focused light beam. Quartz crystal vibrates in precise vibrations to an electrical current and helps conduct electricity. Quartz time pieces are extremely precise instruments because a small circular piece of crystal vibrates at its natural frequency and keeps accurate time with a microchip reading the unfailing vibrations from the quartz.

Because quartz has the natural ability to vibrate, some people believe that cyrstals have natural healing powers and hold some power and energy from the earth. People carry the crystal with them in the belief that it will help them focus on their day better and help with their work performance. Some people place the gemstone under their pillow, as a tiny piece of rose quartz to help them sleep better at night. There is a growing trend, especially with people under 40 years old to part of the “crystal consciousness”. The popularity of this comes from the belief that gems including quartz crystal, tourmaline, amethyst, and citrine have natural healing abilities and can harness power from the universe. It is a pseudoscientific practice called “New Age Thinking”, linked to an ancient spiritualism. There are even crystal therapists who teach people how to control the use of these stones. They give instructions on programming the crystals. The belief that the stones get rid of negative things in your life by combining the electrical field within the person, and a renewed ability to energize themselves. They believe the stone can influence the cells of the body. Different stones, and different colors are used for specific areas of the body that need re-energizing or need to be unblocked. Ancient healers use the colors of the stones to heal different parts of the body.

Crystal Healing and Energy
Spiritual healers use quartz more often than other crystals, because they believe, the structure of the stone helps the body align in harmony. The same way crystal can fine tune a watch, the “New Age followers” believe that rubbing the stone wil amplify emotions and thoughts. Sales of these stones are growing, and stores that specialize in the healing powers of stones are expanding.

Crystals Have Natural Energy
Whether there are real benefits that can be derived from these stones, cannot be explained by science. It is difficult to prove if the crystalling arrangements of gemstones do carry an energy that can be used for natural healing and to harness life’s energy. Science does know for a fact that crystalling structures do let off electro magnetic energy, and that if it is squeezed, there is a piezoelectric effect. A Piezoelectric effect means the object can produce electricity from pressure. In nature silicon bonds with quartz. If there is some healing benefits people can derive from these stones, it could possibly be from a connection with the silicon in our own body. We also have our own electromagnetic field that surrounds us, and there may also be an “electrical” connection with these stones that help promote natural healing.

These crystal healers believe that the stones will cause a change in and around the energies of a person and promote healing. Sometimes people will just hold the stone, or lay in on their body, carry it in their pocket, or wear it as jewelry. Very often, it is used in conjunction with meditation. There a variety of stones that are thought to have natural healing and purifying qualities and to help people with mental and physical ailments. Some believe these crystals can conduct healing through its vibrations and promote healing and positive energy of the gemstone. Quartz is often used for healing physical ailments. Amethyst is used for its spiritual qualities. Rose quartz commonly is used for emotional healing. Fluorite helps enhance spiritual awareness. There are many types of quartz and gemstones that are used for specific purposes to promote healing and create a balanceand harmony.

What you Need to Know About Crystals and Natural Healing Methods
People who are interested in owning these crystals need to make sure improvements were not made to the crystals to make them look better. You would want to buy an unaltered stone. Dealing with a reputable dealer is important. You would want to ask some questions pertaining to the country it came from, and the process used to mine and distribute the stone. You would certainly want to make sure no child labor or toxic chemicals were used. Make sure the stone is legal, meaning it was traded on the black market, and that it was not stolen. The American Gem Trade Association tries to hold dealers to ethical practices.

Should you decide to delve into these ancient natural healing methods, the biggest caution is to be aware that the stones you buy are authentic, unaltered and real nature stones, not man made. The natural healing powers of crystals has been used by centuries in rituals and as a belief that they can channel energy into positive feelings and health benefits for people who let the crystals use their power. Today, crystal healing is considered an alternative healing method. While science can understand how and why crystals work with technological instruments, they cannot understand tje connection these gemstones may have with healing. There is no scientific or medical proof that these crystals work, but for people who believe they do, it is an up and coming trend. The belief in the natural healing power of these stones can easily be debated, however, they don’ appear to cause any harm to the recipients either.


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