Coconut oil for hair, yeast infection, hypothyroid

Ayurveda: Coconut oil for hair, yeast infection, hypothyroid

Name: sunita
Date: 2008-08-02
HI would like to share some info about virgin coconut oil with you all members vigin coconut oil good for hair, skin, hypothyroid ,yeast infection and eczema

Here is a article I just came across
Virgin coconut oil form hair therapy will provide you with excellent hair growth.

Virgin coconut oil is not only good for your skin or for cooking. It is also good for your hair. Your hair will shine. You will amaze people around you.This is truly natures gift to you. Make it work. Prove it to yourself.
For proof, when you buy some hair products, check the ingredients used and you will see that it contain coconut oil or the scientific name coco nuciferas. There are also instances whereby the manufacturing firms are using coconut oil chemical derivatives such as coconut fatty acid or others as ingredients to their final products.
In the past, and also today people uses coconut oil for hair treatment. Just enough coconut oil in the hair, will work wonders for many people. For example the people of Philippines, Haiti, India or Bora-Bora and other tropical islands have wonderful black and shiny hair. The hair being nourished with protein of the coconut oil makes it grow healthily to a shiny complexion.
Here in my country India(South india), it is not different. Many people are using Virgin coconut oil in their hair daily.

To get the best out of coconut oil for hair therapy is simply to use it as it is – that is pure virgin coconut oil extracted directly from the coconuts and containing no chemicals or additives but all the goodness of coconut oil. There is nothing better for your hair than using a natural product. This is natures gift to you and me. I use it everyday to make my hair soft
and manageable.

It is to note that some coconut oil we know has an awful smell. This is because of the copra used which has a rancid smell.

While virgin coconut oil has a pleasant fresh coconut aroma scent, is more pleasing. In fact the aroma will altogether go away after maximum 15 minutes of application. So I suggest using virgin coconut oil in the hair as it is more pleasant and do not leave rancid smell in the hair.

Virgin coconut oil provided protein to the root of the hair thus providing nourishment which enhanced the growth and prevent dry hair.


In temperate climate, virgin coconut oil will be solid and snow white in appearance. They are sold in jars for easy access.

Take some in your hand and massage it in the hair. The heat of the hand will melt it. Rub it in thoroughly especially at the base of the hair or on the scalp.

You can leave it overnight if you wish. After that you can style as required. Using coconut oil daily will provide gloss to your hair in and you will feel it yourself. Even if you use the liquid form, work it in the same way for good looking healthy strong hair.

Coconut oil treatment

After shampooing apply virgin coconut oil for hair to the roots and massage well in the hair. Wrap with a warm towel. Later rinse and apply condition to hair .

For Scalp nourishment

Rub in some virgin coconut oil generously onto scalp and massage well. Comb and style as usual. This also helps in reducing dandruff formation.


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