Male Yeast Infection

Male Yeast Infection – Symptoms, Treatments and Home Remedies

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

There are times when men experience an intense itching sensation in certain parts of their bodies like around their mouth, skin and genitals and most often it occurs as an after-effect of having consumed antibiotics, a result of a weak immune system, indication of diabetes or excessive intake of alcohol and beer. This is a symptom of male yeast infection and its presence is accompanied by a pungent discharge from the genitalia as well.

In most of the cases this infection occurs when the beneficial bacteria present in the digestive tract are destroyed thus enabling the yeast to grow, flourish and infect various parts of the body. During the initial stages consumption of certain food groups like sugar, sweets, corn starch and white flour further augment its productive capacity and the condition of the victim is subject to aggravation. Apart from the itching, some of the other symptoms of this condition are bad breath from the mouth, indigestion, bloating of abdomen and a feeling of exhaustion and fatigue.

Men tend to dismiss the existence of this infection till it aggravates to the point of causing serious health problems. However the recommended course of action would be to pay heed to it in the initial stages itself so that its incidence can be duly controlled and prevented from spreading to other parts of the body. Treatment of this condition varies in accordance with the severity of the individual case and may range from creams and medications to home remedies.

As soon as the itching sensation is experienced and is suspected to be due to the presence of male yeast infection, a course of antifungal medications could be embarked upon in form of tablets and topical ointments. These should be taken under the guidance of the physician and can be obtained as prescription medicines. Consuming or applying these medicines as per instructions soon results in the infection dying in its initial phase itself.

Certain modifications in lifestyle help with this condition as well like cutting down substantially on sweets as increased intake of sugar would only provide the yeast with the required impetus to grow. Exclusion of alcohol and beer is also suggested as these contain a high concentration of yeast and hence tend to worsen the infection. Garlic is an antidote for this infection and hence should be generously added to the food being cooked particularly when this infection is detected.

Applying yogurt to the affected area is one of the most popular home remedies against this infection as the bacteria present in the yogurt negate the affect of the yeast by eliminating it to a great extent. Tea tree oil is yet another well known natural antidote against this infection and should be applied after being diluted on the affected areas.

Alternative home remedies include herbal extracts of olive leaf, oregano and garlic wherein the extract is first diluted and then applied twice a day till the symptoms subside completely. Soaking in warm vinegar bath is also advised courtesy of vinegar possessing strong antifungal attributes.


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