Using Condoms Can Prevent From Herpes

Using Condoms Can Prevent From Herpes
December 16th, 2010

According to the recent studies of medical scientists, the use of condoms may reduce the risk of having genital HerpesUsing Condoms Can Prevent From Herpes infection – a lifelong viral infection which reflects in cold sores or blisters, in the genital area. It can be quite painful, causing a burning sensation, itching and even difficulty or pain when urinating.

It is known that herpes is very hard to reveal. Due to its hidden character at the advanced stage is much more difficult to cure.

The researchers analyzed information from six studies on condom use and HSV-2 to single out the effectiveness of condoms in preventing the virus; in the study participated more than 5,000 people.

The results showed that those people who used condoms 100% of the time had a 30% lower risk of contracting genital herpes.
Concerning those people who used condoms less, the risk of HSV-2 infection decreased by 7% for every 25% increase in condom use during vaginal or anal sex. Conversely, the risk of contracting genital herpes increased rather significantly with the frequency of unprotected sex acts.

Concerning the controversial issue who is more exposed to have Herpes Infection, men or women, the studies showed that men and women have the equal chances to have this disease and condoms do not influence on stronger or less protection in dependence of sex.

As a consequences of this study the use of condoms will continue to be recommended for men and women in order to protect from Herpes and other diseases transmitted through sexual contact. Moreover, condoms represent a reliable protection from unwanted pregnancy and women should take this fact in consideration too.


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  1. condoms can prevent from MANY OTHER UNWANTED things. So why don`t use them ? Why don`t educate young people to do it ?


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