What is the Biggest Diamond in the World?

The biggest diamond in the world is a giant rock unearthed in North West South Africa with an uncut weight of 7000 carats. It has yet to be confirmed; or cut for display. The specimen shown here is not this diamond, but rather a very large diamond in the Museum of Natural History, London. I have not been able to find any images of this new diamond, unearthed in 2007. In contrast, the uncut Cullinan Diamond weighted 3100 carats. The Cullinan Diamond’s finished cut size is 530 carats. Cullinan lost its record to another diamond found in the same mine; the Golden Jubilee’s finished cut size is 545 carats. The Cullinan Diamond is part of King Edward’s scepter and is housed in the Tower of London.

Other notable diamonds include the Earthstar Diamond at 111 carats, the Golden Jubilee Diamond at 545 carats; the largest faceted diamond in the world. The famous Hope Diamond, displayed in the Smithsonian Institute is a deep blue in color and is said the cursed.



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