White Tea Benefits

White Tea Benefits
White tea comes from the plant camellia sinensis, just like the green tea and the black tea. Once royalty and very expensive, white tea is one of the most sought after health drink these days as there are many health benefits of white tea. White tea is arguably the least processed first tea ever consumed. White tea is the specialty of the Fujian region of China. The leaves of the white tea differ as per the tea cultivars such as – large white (Da Bai), small white (Xiao Bai), Chaicha and Narcissus bushes. There are numerous types of white tea that can be mainly classified into two: the Chinese white tea and white tea of the other regions.

Health Benefits of White Tea
Health benefits of white tea were found as early as in the Ming dynasty but it is until recently that the white tea is introduced outside Asia to the North America. White tea is made of immature tea leaves, picked just before the buds get opened fully. The reason why it is called white tea is the silver fuzz that covers the tea buds and later turns white on drying. White tea benefits are seen mainly on the immune system, metabolism and skin. However, benefits of white tea for the bones and its antiviral, anti-carcinogenic and antioxidant properties cannot be denied either! Let’s take a look at the white tea benefits.

White Tea Benefits for Weight Loss
White tea benefits and weight loss can never be separated. Drinking white tea controls the blood cholesterol levels, which is the main reason behind obesity and several medical conditions. A recent study conducted in 2009, showed positive effects of white tea on the fat cells of the human body. The extracts of white tea inhibit growth of the fat cells as well as break down the existing ones. White tea changes gene expression of the fat causing cells. It is said to be the “ideal natural source of slimming substances”. The studies are still going on, but white tea has already secured a top spot in the diet plans for weight loss of many. One thing to remember here is that the health benefits of drinking white tea on weight loss are not much striking unless combined with a balanced diet and rigorous exercise routine.

White Tea Benefits for Skin
White tea has plenty of antioxidant properties that prevent damage to the skin which is caused by sun exposure for too long. A study conducted by a skin study center agreed that white tea boosts immune system and reduces the cell damage that is caused by overexposure to the sun. It protects the skin from reverse damage caused by the free radicals that are an aftermath of stress, hectic lifestyle and or long sun bath. Some scientists also suggest that white tea is useful in the treatment of various forms of skin cancer and aging of the skin!

White Tea Health Benefits
Along with the above mentioned prime benefits of drinking white tea, there are several other white tea benefits that can not be overlooked. Arguably, drinking 2 to 3 cups of white tea a day is found useful and suggested by many scientists and researchers. White tea contains more amount of polyphenol than its other counterparts. Following are several other benefits of white tea.
Healthy Heart: White tea helps thinning of blood and as a result, it plays a vital role in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels. This, in turn, protects the heart. Researchers also suggest that drinking 2 to 3 cups of white tea a day can reduce the risk of heart attacks to 50%, hence it is also called as a “heart tonic”.
Strong Bones, Teeth and Gums: White tea contains small amount of fluoride and several other important substances that act as nutrients for the bones and health of the teeth and gums. As a result, white tea reduces the risk of osteoporosis, plaque, tooth decay and bad breath. Drinking white tea benefits those suffering from arthritis too.
Antiviral and Antibacterial: White tea is supposedly a natural killer of bacteria and viruses. Ample amount of antioxidants from the white tea, tone the whole immune system and guards the body against cough, cold and flu and also ease the symptoms of HIV/AIDS.
Cancer Prevention: White tea has profound qualities and an antioxidant called as flavonoid, that acts against the cancer causing cells. Hence, drinking white tea can prove to be helpful in the treatment of different types of cancer, especially colon cancer and skin cancer.
Along with these, benefits of drinking white tea also include reduction of blood sugar levels and reduction of risk as well as symptoms of diabetes. White tea reduces stress levels and increases the energy levels, increase the rate of metabolism and promotes recovery from illnesses as it strengthens the immune system. This was all about white tea benefits.

I will leave you with one suggestion, although there are no evident ill effects of the white tea, one can relish benefits of white tea to the fullest keeping in mind not to consume it in excess. Take care!

By Rutuja Jathar


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