Top 10 worst health habits

Top 10 worst health habits

A lot of people have some nasty habits, more or less annoying or harmful. Some people bite their nails, others crack their knuckles or teeth pick in public. These are pretty much unconscious acts, which makes that specific habit not so easy to break. Some of them, especially the ones that are more general and have to do with grooving or how the person learned to behave, can pose serious health risks preventing the individual from living a healthy life. The bad habits that can cost you more than just having some ugly nails are listed below.

1 — Skipping sleep
Being tired most of the time causes you to eat at random, drive recklessly and be very quick-tempered even in mild situations. You must get at least eight hours of sleep per night, desirable starting before 12 AM. Not to mention what the lack of sleep can do to your brain, heart, muscles, skin, eyes and so forth in time. Don’t be a hero while you are young and therefore not seeing these effects. They will turn on you radically in your 30′s.

2 — Getting in too much sugar
A high glycemic index is associated with foods that contain lots of sugar. This will quickly increase your blood sugar and give you quick energy bursts. This will not last longer that a 1-2 hours and when the sugar is gone, you will feel a debilitating exhaustion. A high level of sugar will lead to imminent obesity, as the sugar excess in blood tell your body to start depositing fat even it doesn’t need to.

3 — Being the worrying kind
Constantly worrying on common and minor issues or about something that is not within your power to handle, will only do more damage than good. If you have a problem, try to solve it with a proactive stance. If it really can’t be solved, simply leave it behind and go one with your other activities instead of keeping your mind stuffed with heavy, unnecessary burdens that will keep your mind tensed. Keep it stress-free.

4 — Skipping the meals
Missing a meal or eating in a hurry can lead to overall poor nutrition or overeating (when you finally get the chance to eat). Enjoy your meal, sit at the table, relax or listen to some music.

5 — Lack of exercise
Many health conditions like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and arthritis are all linked to a sedentary lifestyle. Your body is made to move and so get moving to avoid these health conditions while increasing your energy level and reducing stress. At least thirty minutes of intense physical activity per day will do just fine if your really can’t afford more. Quick-walking can be enough for most people who have no time, or prefer avoiding the gym.

6 — Smoking
Smoking equals disaster to your body. Don’t listen to those brave stories where your friend talks about his grandpa who smoked the hell out of him until his late 80′s. They are very isolated cases, or the person in cause potentially had fortunate genetics. Not to mention it is more important how you live, not for how long. It’s good to know that lungs cancer is one of the fastest ways to death you can pick, throughout all the cancer forms. More than half of the patients are dead within a year from diagnosis. Other than just the health risks, smoking also equals to throwing your money out the window.

7 — Forgetting the tooth brush
Also consider general hygiene here. Particularly, damaged teeth/gums and oral conditions are among the worst health problems you can face with. Huge pain, nasty appearance and lots of money can be the toll of your bad oral hygiene. Gum infections can even lead to heart disease and can make you swallow lots of bacteria. Use the floss once a day.

8 — Doing overtime work constantly
Do not live to work, work to live. Keep your work at the workplace, and have some extra quality time for yourself and your family. Being a workaholic can affect both your health and social life.

9 – Eating foods that are made of things with names that tie up your tongue when spelled.
Check the labels of the food you eat. If the item you picked has a heavy list of ingredients sounding like they landed directly from a post-graduate chemistry class, leave the item for those who made it. Eat more fresh and natural food.

10 — Not keeping it social
Healthy mind in a healthy body. If the latter one can be achieved due to respect to the above 9 principles, the former one requires moderate social contact. Keep your friends close and enjoy spending your time with them. It will hold you away from problems like depression, boredom, low tone or bad mood and will maintain a positive view on life in general.


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