Causes of Hair Loss

Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss may be a cause of strain and anxiety. There may be several reasons for it. Improper care of hair and scalp is one of the main reasons. Besides, hereditary factors are also responsible for it. There are hair care tips that you can use to reduce hair loss. However, you need to know the root of the problem before starting the treatment.

You should understand that some shedding of hair is very normal. The most common cause of hair loss is androgenetic alopecia. It is the reason in almost 95% of pattern baldness in both men and women. It is usually an affect of aging. There are predictable stages to it. It actually results in the hereditary baldness patterns.

People tend to waste money on wrong treatments. Such treatment may deteriorate the problem of hair loss. Some people risk their health by self-prescribing powerful medication such as propecia. It is necessary to understand the problem and to find out the exact causes.

Infrequent cleaning leaves the scalp oily. It results in seborrheic dermatitis where redness, itching, flaking etc. are the main symptoms. Seborrheic dermatitis usually affects the scalp, ears and eyebrows. Besides hair loss, it also results in weeping sores. Cleanliness is necessary to avoid this condition. People tend to prefer an oily hair shampoo. However, this is too harsh for your scalp and can in fact make the scalp oilier.

Massage provides a good defense for hair loss. You should gently massage your entire scalp using fingertips. You can wash your hair with warm water using a mild shampoo. Then use plenty of cool water to rinse. It is better to gently blot dry than to blow dry your hair.

Avoid wigs and ball caps may help you reduce hair loss, because they reduce blood circulation. Tight ponytails and other hair ornaments that pull on the scalp are also harmful for hair. Proper food habit may also save you from damage to your hair.

How to Cope with Male Pattern Baldness

Baldness usually comes as a traumatic development that causes worry and suffering to people. However, one should understand that some amount of hair loss is normal as the age increases. Problem arises when one experiences considerable hair loss at an early age. There may be numerous reasons for baldness. Those range from hereditary factors to improper care of hair and scalp.

The most common and difficult type of hair loss is male pattern baldness. It occurs due to buildup of testosterone and some other natural oils. Because of the oils, the hair follicle begins to shrink causing hair loss. However, the follicle remains alive

Male-pattern baldness has genetic reasons. It usually passes on from parents to their offspring. Both man and woman can be its victim. However, it is

Male-pattern baldness causes permanent hair loss. However, some treatments are available to prevent further loss of hair. Hair transplants are a way to deal with it. In this treatment, surgeons remove plugs of hair from areas where hair is growing, and then plant those into the balding areas. Besides, transplantation, some medications are also available to reduce hair loss. Minoxidil is a medication that one can try to prevent hair loss. It is necessary to continue its use. As soon as one stops using it, the Propeciais another drug for treating hair loss. Its use can increase hair growth. Get propecia Online here.

There are some non-surgical and non-medical ways to cover baldness for people not having money for expensive treatments. Wigs and hairpieces are quite effective here. They also allow a wearer to have own hair

Besides male-pattern baldness, there are some other reasons for hair loss. Lack of cleanliness is one of the main reasons. Some people have the notion that shampooing is harmful for hair. However, it is actually just the opposite. It is necessary to keep the scalp and hair clean to prevent hair loss.


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