Woman Longest Nails 61 Cm

Woman Longest Nails 61 Cm
Article written by Nintin Apriyanti on July 18, 2011

Atlanta, July 18, 2011 /Strodong.com/ – A person can experience any addiction, including lengthening the nail, as experienced Jazz Sinkfield Ison.

Sinkfield, a resident of Atlanta, United States, has never cut her nails for 22 years. The longest Nails reach 61 cm.

However, do not let their nails Sinkfield appear innocent. Her beautify the body by giving it pride of colorful paint. For treatment, she spent 250 dollars, whenever my grandmother was moving, and all 10 fingernails touching up any noise.

“Nails are the best friend of women,” she said in a television show.

However, her husband had a story to tell. ”Sometimes I felt she would give attention to fingernails than to me. She could not tie her shoes. Sometimes I have to help her get dressed. She was very slow,” complained her husband.


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