Benefits of copper

Copper has been found by many to relieve joint pain. Many arthritic sufferers speak of the relief that they receive from wearing copper.
In addition to relieving pain, bio-magnets also increases energy level and circulation, relieve stress, assist the body in healing itself, & provide more restful sleep.

Copper is a natural element that is an essential micronutrient to ensure the well being of all aerobic life forms. It plays a vital part in the development and performance of the human nervous and cardiovascular systems, as well as the skin, bone, immune and reproductive systems, including gene transcription. Copper can also inhibit the growth of microbes, thus providing a measure of protection against harmful germs and bacteria in many environments.

Copper is an essential nutrient, particularly important during fetal development.
Copper deficiency is more common than copper toxicity, although both conditions are possible.
Copper is vital for collagen formation, which means that copper is essential for bone formation and repair, skin formation and repair, and growth/maintenance of many other tissues incorporating collagen.
Copper is crucial for nervous system development and is involved in the synthesis of neurotransmitters.
Copper is involved in maintaining the balance of other metals in the body, such as zinc and molybdenum.
Copper is necessary for maintaining the elasticity of blood vessels.
Copper is important for proper functioning of the immune system
In addition to the activities listed above, copper participates in many other enzymatic chemical reactions in the body (e.g., activation of melanin, absorption of iron, free radical neutralization).
Too much copper can damage the liver and kidneys.
Vitamin C and zinc inhibit the body’s absorption of copper.

How Does Copper Enter the Body?

If you have copper plumbing, most of your exposure is probably from your water. This is especially true if your water is corrosive (i.e., you don’t have scale buildup). Letting the faucet run for 15-30 seconds will purge most of the copper from the lines (as well as harmful lead from solder and fixtures).
Copper is found in many foods, including shellfish, liver, nuts, red wine and chocolate.
You can absorb copper through the air you breathe.
You can absorb copper across your skin when it is present in the air, water, soil, or jewelry.
Certain household and gardening chemicals contain copper, such as fungicides and algae control products. You can be exposed through skin contact or by breathing vapors.


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