A great food for all ages

A great food for all ages

Yogurt is a great food for all ages from infancy up. The Hunza people of northern Pakistan are famed for the high number of centenarians amongst them. They use yogurt as a big part of their diet.

Yogurt is a great food for the elderly and almost anyone who has health problems. Yogurt can be incorporated into our diets in a whole host of ways. It makes great desserts of course and yogurt drinks are absolutely delicious and very easy to make at home. You can even make bread and cakes using yogurt.

If you want to get more yogurt into your diet, try making a salad dressing with it or just add a spoonful to your salad when serving.

Animals can benefit from it too. Dogs fed mainly on tinned food will benefit from a little yogurt added to their diets. Real and fermented food is important for them, too.

Types of yogurt and keeping properties

The longer yogurt is kept the higher the amount of lactic acid present. Yogurt keeps very well in a fridge or cool place. Throw it out if it gets too sharp tasting. The liquid which forms on the top can be stirred back in – or used in cooking.

The thicker natural yogurts such as Greek yogurt are produced by straining the yogurt. Low fat yogurt is widespread with the current obsession with all things low fat; full fat yogurt is harder to find but is absolutely delicious at around 10% fat. If your diet is otherwise rational you do not need to fear full-fat yogurt!

Probiotic yogurt
There are new strains of yogurt coming onto the market, incorporating “probiotics” such as L. rhamnosus GR-1. This particular culture is anti-allergenic, that is it reduces people’s susceptibility to allergens. A recent study at the University of Western Ontario showed that yogurt containing this particular probiotic could remain active for upto a month.

More of these new cultures are likely to become available in supermarkets and health food stores in the near future.

Yogurt will normally keep for a week or two in the fridge. Use by dates on bought yogurts tend to be conservative, for obvious reasons.


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