The fish-doctor cures skin diseases

The fish-doctor cures skin diseases
So many years people who suffer from psoriasis and other skin diseases, come to a small spa resort of Kangal in Turkey where the little fish can help them get rid of their ailments.
First, human skin, bathing in natural springs resort, is softened and warmed up, helped by a stable water temperature is 36-37 degrees at least effect, and a Jacuzzi. Due to such therapeutic mineral water fish can easily handle the affected areas of skin. At the local swimming pool are two kinds of fish – the first form removes dead skin cells, and the second sterilizes the skin and accelerates the healing process, due to abnormal processing of the skin of his saliva.

1. Fish – Doctor (Gara Rufa) is a rare species of fish living in the rich natural sources of useful substances. During treatment, they eat dead skin flakes damaged patient. They are now widely used to treat people who have psoriasis and other skin diseases.

2. Psoriasis ailing 26 – year-old native of Poland Michal Lisyak bathed in a pool filled with mineral water.

3. The photo shows the fish that eat dead skin particles sick person. 62 – year-old Gangor Aslan came to be treated in Kangal from Germany. Doctor fish is sometimes called the kissing fish or Asian, it multiplies the source of hot water near Kangal, a small town, located a hundred kilometers from a major Turkish city of Sivas.

4. Swimming in Cangallo filled with hot water from a nearby source, which floats Michal Lisyak. Such water is also very useful for patients with rheumatic diseases, neurological disorders, but often come here just to treat skin diseases.
5. Suffering from psoriasis from all over the world come to be treated in Kangal. Fish living in local sources, quickly eat a dead human body affected tissue without damaging healthy skin at the same time.

6. Healthy people also visit this resort to your own eyes to behold these wonderful fish. Healthy people in resort Cangallo procedure will be useful for getting rid of old dead skin cells and skin.

7. Treatment fish slowly swimming in the water surrounded by people starting to lick and nibble the skin softened in water, thermal spring, plaques, caused by psoriasis or other skin diseases.

8. Small bites of fish help your skin clear of dead small particles that can cause some bleeding. After that, clean the skin affected by water and sunlight.

8. Small bites of fish help your skin clear of dead small particles that can cause some bleeding. After that, clean the skin affected by water and sunlight.

10. Doctor fish, along with selenium-rich water have a therapeutic effect on the skin and mucous membranes.

11. The most useful 8-hour daily water treatments, with a total duration of treatment is three weeks. When all the necessary instructions highest performance is guaranteed by the treatment of psoriasis.


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