Perils of Tight Clothes!

Perils of Tight Clothes!
By Priyanka Parab

Remember jumping up and down when you were young and got that pink frilly dress as a birthday present? Now do you remember jumping up and down every time you buy a new pair of slim fit jeans! Sadly this current jumping routine of yours cannot be attested to the fact that you are giddily happy upon buying the pair of pants, instead you are found jumping around to simply fit in those nasty straight fits!
So, how is jumping around unhealthy?

To begin with, let’s clear up the issue around jumping here! Jumping by any means is not unhealthy, in fact it is rather healthy as it involves physical activity and helps you burn a few calories too! The unhealthy aspect of jumping pops up into the picture, when you are found jumping around trying to fit into tight pants. Agreed, those tight clothes make you look slim and svelte, but wouldn’t it be much better if you just properly exercised those ungainly kilos off your waist?

My fashionable skinny jeans cannot be bad for me!

Sure! They are not bad for you. Considering you don’t mind suffering from chronic abdominal and back pain and a strong case of acid refluxes.

Of course too tight clothing is bad for you, in fact it is unhealthy! The main purpose of clothing is to cover our body from the external factors such as dirt, heat and cold. Accentuating our looks is the secondary purpose that our clothing serves, but with the advent of fashion, clothing has gone from big to small to narrow to ridiculously tight! With famous celebrities squeezing in tight clothes day in and day out, fashion has been revolutionized to some very unhealthy levels!

How are tight clothes affecting my health?

What happens when you wear the tie too tight? You can’t breathe right! That’s how the rest of your body feels when it is subjected to clothes way too small in size.

Don’t believe us?

Following are just some of the health risks that you subject your body to, by wearing tight clothing:

Acid Reflux: Many of us can be found guilty of wearing clothes that are just a little too tight around the waist. While this causes a little discomfort to us in the short run, its effect on us in the long run can be serious! Pants tight around the waist put pressure on the abdomen directly, due to which the acid is reversed into the esophagus, giving rise to acid reflux or heart burn. This occurs mostly when you are found dressed in tight clothes and end up having a large meal.

So, the next time you have a burning feeling in your throat, chest or tummy and an acidic taste in your mouth after a meal, glance at yourself, you are probably wearing clothing which is too tight!

The best way to identify whether your clothes are too tight or not, is to check if your stomach bulges out after pulling on your pants!

Back Acne: Tight clothing doesn’t necessarily end with tight pants, it also includes those figure hugging tops. Polo necks are prime examples of this fashion trend which can cause back acne, as dandruff and dead skin gets trapped on your back. Tight tops can result in the trapping of heat and moisture between the fabric and the skin, especially in hot and humid conditions of places like India. Plus, if you add dead skin cells from your own body to the mix along with excessive skin oils along with dandruff from your scalp, what you get is a potent recipe for back acne.

Yeast Infection: Wearing tight undergarments, especially under equally tight pants can give rise to yeast infections around the pubic area in women. This is because tight clothes can trap heat and this causes the area to become warm and moist. Yeast is known to thrive in warm and moist areas and after a yeast infection has set in, the skin around the vagina becomes very irritated, itchy and painful. In hot and humid conditions in places like India, wearing tight clothing can cause an immediate yeast infection to set in, despite your best efforts to keep your pubic area hygienic and dry.

To avoid a yeast infection, it would be a good idea to wear clothes that are less constricting and breathable in. For example, instead of a thong or a tight undergarment of synthetic material, opt for cotton undergarments that aren’t too tight!

Tingling Thigh: Wearing too tight jeans or pants puts pressure on the thigh region and causes nerve compression in that area, mainly to a nerve that supplies sensation to the upper part of your thigh. This causes a tingling or numbing sensation along with a burning pain on the surface of the thigh

Chronic back pain: Wearing tight clothing is harmful to your back too! Surprised? Don’t be, as research has found out that wearing too tight, low waist and hip hugging jeans causes nerve compression in your back and also restricts your hip bone movement. All of this puts pressure on your spine and that is the main reason behind your back ache.

Jock Itch: Jock itch occurs mostly in men who wear tight pants over tight undergarments. Jock itch is caused by the same bacteria or fungus that causes athletes foot! This bacteria thrives in moist and warm conditions and spreads to the skin of the inner thighs, buttocks and groin. The affected skin develops a rash and ring shaped rashes are common in people suffering from Jock Itch. This problem however affects overweight people more than others.

But these clothes are fashionable, everybody wears them!

Fashion should be your own personal style statement, something that keeps you comfortable in your own skin. Not something that causes any sort of distress to you or makes you unhealthy!


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