7 Ways to prevent a Heart Attack

7 Ways to prevent a Heart Attack
One can take the necessary steps to prevent a heart attack at any point of time; it does not necessarily have to be only if he’s already had an attack before. The uses of drugs and medicines play an important role in the prevention of a second heart attack, and have contributed to proper functioning of the heart in the long run. A person’s lifestyle is also crucial which contributes in a big way to the prevention and recovery from a heart attack. Choosing a healthy lifestyle is not only an important way of recovery but also a way to prevent further heart attacks.

Ways to Prevent a Heart Attack

No Smoking

If one needs to be safe from a heart attack, he needs to keep away from smoking. Smoking can be deleterious to health, and mainly harm the functioning of the heart. A person who has experienced a heart attack before needs to be more than careful in this aspect. If he continues to smoke, his life can be at a great risk. For people who have the habit of smoking regularly, it’s very difficult to quit doing so. In such cases, they need to consult the doctor for an effective treatment that would help get rid of the addiction.

Controlling Cholesterol Level

A high level of cholesterol can also be a reason for heart attacks. One needs to get a blood test done periodically, to ensure proper level of cholesterol is maintained in the body. If the levels are high, the physician may suggest some changes to the diet, and also some medicaments which would control it and keep it to an acceptable level, thus maintaining cardiovascular health.

Undergoing Regular Medical Examinations

If one undergoes regular health checkups, he would be well-informed about various factors which are present in his body that may lead to heart attacks, like high blood pressure and diabetes. The disorders which lead to attacks and have no early symptoms also can be diagnosed. If there are traces and possibilities of such disorders, the physician can take necessary measures which would prevent later complications.

Maintaining a Healthy Weight

There is an exertion on the heart if the body is overweight. It can further lead to high levels of cholesterol, hypertension, and diabetes, which are the primary reasons of heart attacks. Losing weight can certainly make the body fit and free from the risk of heart attacks.

Stress Management

Nowadays, due to work pressure and busy life schedules, people are unknowingly putting unnecessary stress on their minds and body, which also is a reason for heart attacks. They need to plan their daily activities in a way that won’t put stress and burden on their mind and body.

Healthy Diet

If the food one eats contains sufficient amounts of saturated fats and cholesterol, it may cause the arteries to become narrow and damage them. A diet which is rich in sodium can also raise the blood pressure level and prove harmful for the health of an individual. Consult the family doctor regarding the nutrients to be added while preparing everyday meals. Eating sufficient fruits and vegetables can also help prevent heart attacks, as they contain antioxidants which help preclude daily wear and tear of the coronary arteries.

Regular Physical Exercise

Daily physical exercise helps meliorate the functions of the heart’s muscles. It has been included as a significant part in cardiac rehabilitation treatment. It also serves as a weight, cholesterol, hypertension, and diabetes controller. The exercise need not be strenuous, but should definitely be regular. A half-hour walk daily can certainly serve the needed purpose.

These are a few steps that need to be taken to prevent heart attacks. If one has already experienced a heart attack in the past, he needs to obligatorily ensure that his lifestyle is not creating possibilities of a heart attack in the future.

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