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Struggle for Freedom

Philip Zimbardo shows how people become monsters … or heroes

Philip Zimbardo shows how people become monsters … or heroes

Philip Zimbardo knows how easy it is for nice people to turn bad. In this talk, he shares insights and graphic unseen photos from the Abu Ghraib trials. Then he talks about the flip side: how easy it is to be a hero, and how we can rise to the challenge.

*WARNING*- This video contains explicit images
Philip Zimbardo- The Lucifer Effect- Part 1

Philip Zimbardo: Why ordinary people do evil … or do good

Philip Zimbardo prescribes a healthy take on time

Chicken Meat Allergy

Manifestations of chicken meat allergy

Among the most common and prevalent manifestation or symptom of chicken allergy are frequent infections like ear infections and bladder infections; asthma attack; bed-wetting; eczema; skin rashes; acne; unusual fatigue; insomnia; migraine; depression and chronic disturbance in the gastrointestinal system.

Some people with chicken allergy even develop sinusitis which is somehow unusual if they don’t really have the history. Hives and joint pains are also prevalent to them.

Symptoms of chicken meat allergy occur or show up after several minutes of in take. To some people, the reaction could surface in as fast as at least ten minutes, while in others it can be as slow and prolonged to take up to 24 to 48 hours.

Treatment and prevention of chicken allergy

Chicken meat contains allergens or allergy-producing substances that are called purines. These substances are mainly cited for the onset of several other diseases like gout. Gouts are characterized by the formation or onset of kidney stones.

Purines in chicken meat may lead to excessive uric acid accumulation in the body that can possibly lead to what is called kidney stones.

Thus, if chicken allergy symptoms show up, it is important to immediately consult or seek your doctor’s help. That would prevent further ailments or disease from coming out.

The doctor will have to prescribe several medications to treat or help curtail chicken allergy.

The best prevention would be to avoid eating chicken meat. Allergies to substances, you should remember, is not curable but only treatable.

There are a lot of other meat that could taste better than chicken meat, right?

Chicken Meat Allergy

Everybody loves to eat chicken meat. Thousands of mouth-watering recipes have been created for this healthy meat that is high in protein content. But for some unfortunate people with chicken allergy, this eating chicken can be life threatening. Here are some important facts about chicken allergy.
Mechanisms of the Allergic Reaction

A chicken allergy is an adverse immune response by the body towards chicken meat. This type of allergy is not uncommon but severe reactions are rare. At times, allergy of this kind is accompanied by an allergy to chicken eggs, feathers and other poultry products. Sometimes, a person can be allergic to chicken meat or chicken eggs alone. Others may experience reactions to eggs and meat as well as the feathers, which is called the “Bird-Egg Syndrome”.

Allergy caused by chicken meat, chicken eggs, or other poultry products is reported to be 0.6 to 5% of all food allergies in America every year. The meat of chicken contains substances called chicken serum albumin which is the prime cause of the reaction. Some members of the population have immune responses that are overly sensitive to these food proteins found in chickens. Thus, when the immune system encounters this protein, it will launch an attack against them thinking that they are harmful for the body.

The most common symptoms are:

* Hives (may appear locally or spread across the entire body)
* Watery eyes
* Lip and tongue swelling
* Itchiness and tingling around the mouth

Some people may also experience respiratory and gastrointestinal symptoms such as:

* Coughing
* Sneezing
* Asthma
* Nausea and vomiting
* Abdominal cramping

After ingestion of the chicken meat, the allergic can occur after a few minutes or in milder cases within 48 hours. Usually, cutaneous symptoms are the more common symptoms that appear in most patients with this kind of allergy. The allergic person will most probably have itchiness of the skin and lip swelling. This will start in one isolated part of the body and if left unattended may have the tendency to rapidly spread all over your skin.
In some cases, there will be no external reaction to eating chicken meat, but the sufferer will experience mild to severe abdominal symptoms like cramps, diarrhea and even vomiting. Respiratory problems are also symptoms of chicken allergy and can vary from stuffy nose to breathing problems, wheezing and coughing.
Rarely does ingestion of chicken meat cause chest tightness brought about by the narrowing of the airways. However, cases of anaphylaxis due to chicken allergy have already been documented. Hence, any individual who has been diagnosed with chicken allergy should be very careful. Anaphylactic shock requires immediate medical care as the reaction could be fatal.
What Your Doctor Can Do For You

Finding out if you have chicken meat allergy can be difficult at times, especially when the symptoms are not external. You can have home testing if you suspect to have developed an allergy to chicken or a more clever option is to have a health professional perform the testing for more accurate results. Home testing though will require the following cautious procedure:

* Observe whether you experience a sudden reaction such as itching and abdominal pain after eating chicken meat.
* Eliminate chicken meat from your diet for two weeks. That includes all other food items with chicken such as broths or packaged items we can easily buy from groceries. If you feel better after doing so, then it means that you might have chicken meat allergy.
* Go back to eating chicken after two weeks, but just for one meal a day. If the symptoms for chicken allergy re-occur. Then without a doubt, you have the allergy.

To be sure, it is advisable to consult a physician rather than diagnose yourself. He may perform skin prick testing with a very minute amount of chicken protein. Blood tests are also available but may not be performed unless necessary.
What You Can Do

Unfortunately, all food allergies are incurable. The only possible treatment for such is prevention. But if you’re fortunate enough not to have experienced the severe consequences of the allergy, then you can eat chicken once in a while in very small amounts, until your immune system has become used to it. Be sure to consult your doctor to be more informed if you suspect to have chicken meat allergy. It might be necessary to be prescribed with antihistamines or even epinephrine for severe cases. Depending on the severity of your reaction, you might need to avoid chicken and other poultry products for a lifetime.

Hugs so good…for depression

When we are sensation unlovable, a new larg can make us experience cherished.

The massiv can easily break down obstacles that at times phrases cannot do.

Cuddles are a fun way to boost family members securities.

A new massiv can make you experience safe and sound when you’re concerned.

Hugs can talk over any terms can tell.

We all connect which has a hug.

Cuddles tend to be hair dryer as compared to nearly all kisses and don’t leave lipstick staining.

Hugs help remind us that people are generally connected to the other person.

The larg implies a feeling of have confidence in that will connects all of us with others.

Having an additional person’s biceps and triceps close to people could make us sense unconditionally accepted.

A hug could placed a grin in someone’s face.

Cuddles can be a excellent way to loosen up.

A caring embrace prior to a tough evening may carry you through the contests.

We can locate comfort which has a embrace.

Hugs is effective in reducing the harmful physical outcomes of stress.

Using the results of study launched by simply Psychosomatic Medication, any comfortable hug may discharge oxytocin, a new endocrine associated with feelings of love as well as serenity.

Hugs demonstrate congratulations any time somebody tells us good news.

Cuddles make you feel comfortable over a cold night time.

We all create human contact as well as conversation which has a larg.

The beauty of the embrace is it’s simplicity.

You’ll never enter financial debt giving the larg.

Hugs are quite obvious work regarding caring and goodness

Hugs can help build a more compassionate planet.

Hugs help make young children really feel loved.

Cuddles demonstrate youngsters that you’re there for them.

Cuddles help to make booboos feel good.

Hugs may set up connection.

Hugs can stand for which serious, non-broken relationship and inform your partner in which ” Regardless how distant we are, we will be together always.

Brigham Young College learned that embracing a substantial other will help reduce blood pressure.
Cuddles tell you that someone perhaps there is even though points find desperate.

Cuddles are perfect for making way up soon after a spat.

Many of us need to experience close to others along with cuddles make people sense close.

Whenever an individual will be depressing, scared, or even let down, embrace will give a feeling of comfort and safety.

Cuddles may be good of one’s enjoy along with treatment.

Embracing can be more healthy than ingesting a gallon associated with soft ice cream or perhaps a tote of Doritos.

The massiv is sort of a handshake from your heart.

Cuddles can stand for the thrill of the minute.

The hugs may greet you back.

Hugs market beneficial emotions: “Touch influences the particular cerebellar mind method, a region of the mental faculties in which standard optimistic feelings such as rely on as well as passion possibly come from.” Linda Blase

If you are brief or perhaps tall, lanky, or obese, you’ll be able to supply as well as be given a massiv.
Hugs are wonderful confidence prior to going the distinct methods.

Hugs can instruct the amount you happen to be overlooked.

Hugs can instruct the amount an individual doesn’t quite get anyone.

You will have a massiv anytime, even when nobody is together with you. Embrace on your own.

Cradling starts our heart allowing want to show out from this

Hugs simply sense so good.

Facts About Human Sperm Count and Semen: Top 10 List

Facts About Human Sperm Count and Semen: Top 10 List

Something more on the medical side today and how about top 10 facts about human sperm count and some male fertility data? The World Health Organization has defined the normal male sperm count to be at least twenty million sperms per every milliliter of semen along with a minimum semen volume of 2 milliliters. One of the big causes of infertility amongst couples is exactly the problem of male low sperm count. The low sperm count condition among males is called Oligospermia, which affects almost half of the couples’ problems with conceiving a child.

1. Total Number of Sperms per Ejaculation

For a man to be considered fertile the total number of sperms per ejaculation should be at least 40 million. Any volume below this amount is regarded as insufficient sperm concentration.
2. Alive Sperm Percentage

Minimum number of sperms to be alive are to be 75% of the sperms ejaculated. This means that it is quite normal for around 25 % of all the sperms ejaculated to be dead and immobile.
3. Percentage of Sperms Swimming Forward

In this measurement it doesn’t matter if the sperms swim quickly or slowly but it is important for at least half of the sperms to be in constant swim… where? The forward direction.
4. Percentage of Sperms with Normal Shape

At least 30 per cent of the sperms should have a normal shape. The shape of a healthy sperm is standard defined by the medical professionals.
5. Minimum Swimming Sperms Percentage

Normal sperm collection should have a minimum of 25% of them swimming forward. This swimming motion should be fast and active otherwise the sperms are not labeled as healthy.
6. Declining Sperm Count General Trend

More than few statistical data as well as professional examinations have suggested that male fertility is on a decline around the world.
7. Testicular Trauma Causes Low Sperm Count

Any excessive trauma in form or hitting, punch or whack to the testicles during the childhood or adulthood period could possibly be the cause of male infertility.
8. Improving Sperm Count

To improve the sperm count number many suggestions can be made. Some of these include consumption of diets that are rich in anti-oxidants and certain semen boosting vitamins and supplements.
9. Sperms Growing and Collecting Period

Every single sperm has a growing period of 64 days to become a complete sperm. At this point the sperms moves right along the 20 feet long coiled tubes called epidiymis for another 12 days to mature and collect with other sperms.

10. What Causes Low Sperm Count

Some studies and theories have suggested more than a few habits, food and drinks that can cause low sperm count in males. Some of which are smoking, pesticides and hormones imbalance, certain food, EMF (remedy could be Earthing Products), alcohol, plastics and more.

Most ‘extra virgin’ olive oil bottles are actually cheaper mix

Most ‘extra virgin’ olive oil bottles are actually cheaper mix — even Rachael Ray’s
By Mitch Lipka

More than two of every three bottles labeled imported extra virgin olive oil are either a cheaper grade of olive oil or adulterated with another type of oil, a University of California at Davis study found.

Top-selling brands including Bertolli, Filippo Berio, Carapelli, Pompeiian, Colavita, Mazola and Carapelli all had bottles that flunked the test — containing instead a cheaper virgin olive oil, the study by the university’s Olive Center found. Even a brand carrying the name of TV host Rachael Ray — who frequently touts her supposedly extra virgin olive oil — flunked the testing on two of three samples.
The chemical analysis did find that 90% of the California-packaged olive oils were indeed what they claimed to be. Two that were exactly what they claimed to be were Walmart’s Great Value brand and Costco’s Kirkland Organic.

“The intent of the study was to provide consumers and retailers with an accurate picture of the quality of olive oils now being marketed through grocery stores and other retail outlets in California,” Dan Flynn, executive director of the Olive Center, said in statement sent to Consumer Ally. “Our hope is that these findings will lead to improved methods for evaluating extra virgin olive oil, and increased consumer confidence that ‘extra virgin’ on the label means extra virgin in the bottle.”

Flynn said the United States is the world’s third-largest consumer of olive oil.

Consumer Ally contacted several of the largest manufacturers cited in the study, but only one immediately responded to the request to comment on the study. A Colavita official wanted to read the study before discussing.

UPDATE (July 22): Colavita spokeswoman Teresa D’Errico sent the following statement disputing the study:

“The study from the University of California is untrue. This study was paid for by the Califoria olive oil companies, thus there is an inherent conflict of interest and the methodology used is flawed. This was not an objective testing of various olive oils and it is unfortunate that the public believes it without further investigation.”

Pompeiian said they would not comment, but referred to a statement by the North American Olive Oil Association taking issue with the study.

“We sample more than 200 olive oils a year and conduct rigorous chemical analysis through independent labs,” association president Bob Bauer said in the statement. “We’re finding that less than 10 percent of the oils tested have any problems and they, in total, typically represent less than 1 percent of the market. In fact, a condition of membership in the NAOOA is that members must meet the international standard. If our test results show they don’t, they will be removed from the association.”

“The NAOOA is and has been a champion of quality olive oil for decades,” “We continue to take steps to protect consumers, including encouraging regulators at the federal and state level to follow the IOC standards to guarantee consumers a modern standard in identifying and labeling olive oil.”

He added: “The bottom line is that imported olive oils are authentic, high-quality products. They offer many heart-healthy benefits, they are versatile for cooking, and they are a good value.”Importers’ products represent the majority of olive oil available to consumers – 99 percent – and it’s prudent that we uphold the high standards of quality consumers expect. It’s prudent to our industry as well.”

A history of duping consumers believing they’re buying the rich-flavored and often pricey extra virgin olive oil led the federal government to enact more stringent olive oil standards, scheduled to take effect in October. In 2008, Connecticut became the first state to regulate olive oil after finding that some being sold included nut oils or soy oils, which could cause dangerous allergic reactions.

“Before this study, we had anecdotal reports of poor quality olive oil being sold as extra virgin,” Flynn said. “Now there is empirical proof.”

Some of the tests analyzed for problems that would affect flavor — the very essence of extra virgin olive oil. “Many of these oils just did not taste good,” Flynn said.

He cited the following reasons for the oil flunking the tests:

* adulteration with cheaper refined olive oil
* oxidation due to elevated temperature, light and or aging;
* poor-quality oils made from damaged and overripe olives,
* processing flaws or improper oil storage.

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