Facts About Human Sperm Count and Semen: Top 10 List

Facts About Human Sperm Count and Semen: Top 10 List

Something more on the medical side today and how about top 10 facts about human sperm count and some male fertility data? The World Health Organization has defined the normal male sperm count to be at least twenty million sperms per every milliliter of semen along with a minimum semen volume of 2 milliliters. One of the big causes of infertility amongst couples is exactly the problem of male low sperm count. The low sperm count condition among males is called Oligospermia, which affects almost half of the couples’ problems with conceiving a child.

1. Total Number of Sperms per Ejaculation

For a man to be considered fertile the total number of sperms per ejaculation should be at least 40 million. Any volume below this amount is regarded as insufficient sperm concentration.
2. Alive Sperm Percentage

Minimum number of sperms to be alive are to be 75% of the sperms ejaculated. This means that it is quite normal for around 25 % of all the sperms ejaculated to be dead and immobile.
3. Percentage of Sperms Swimming Forward

In this measurement it doesn’t matter if the sperms swim quickly or slowly but it is important for at least half of the sperms to be in constant swim… where? The forward direction.
4. Percentage of Sperms with Normal Shape

At least 30 per cent of the sperms should have a normal shape. The shape of a healthy sperm is standard defined by the medical professionals.
5. Minimum Swimming Sperms Percentage

Normal sperm collection should have a minimum of 25% of them swimming forward. This swimming motion should be fast and active otherwise the sperms are not labeled as healthy.
6. Declining Sperm Count General Trend

More than few statistical data as well as professional examinations have suggested that male fertility is on a decline around the world.
7. Testicular Trauma Causes Low Sperm Count

Any excessive trauma in form or hitting, punch or whack to the testicles during the childhood or adulthood period could possibly be the cause of male infertility.
8. Improving Sperm Count

To improve the sperm count number many suggestions can be made. Some of these include consumption of diets that are rich in anti-oxidants and certain semen boosting vitamins and supplements.
9. Sperms Growing and Collecting Period

Every single sperm has a growing period of 64 days to become a complete sperm. At this point the sperms moves right along the 20 feet long coiled tubes called epidiymis for another 12 days to mature and collect with other sperms.

10. What Causes Low Sperm Count

Some studies and theories have suggested more than a few habits, food and drinks that can cause low sperm count in males. Some of which are smoking, pesticides and hormones imbalance, certain food, EMF (remedy could be Earthing Products), alcohol, plastics and more.


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