Exercise is good for us

A good workout can do wonders for your health

Exercise is obviously great for your health, which is why this one is at the top of our reasons for making time for it every day. Getting in a great workout on a regular basis helps maintain your weight, reduces the risk of health issues in the future and keeps you on a healthy track. Sounds like a pretty good motivator to us!
Exercising helps clear the mind

Going on a walk or hitting the gym for an hour when you’re feeling down or stressed out to the max is a great way to clear your head. Being able to channel your frustrated energy into something productive and healthy is a great thing, and exercise is also a great way to make “me” time away from all the stress in your life.
Fitness is a gateway to meeting new people

If you don’t care about your physical or mental health (and if that’s the case, there’s something wrong here!), perhaps this one will help show you why exercise is important. Joining a gym or a fitness class can help you meet new friends and guys (hello, cutie on the treadmill!) and helps you become more social. So if you feel like you’re stuck in a dating rut or could use a few new girlfriends, hit the gym and start socializing, lovelies!



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