The Effects of Smelling Cat Litter

The Effects of Smelling Cat Litter

By Timothy Mucciante, eHow Contributor

Particular Hazards For Pregnant Women
Besides the ammonia smell coming from the cat urine, cat feces can also be a danger. Feces contain toxoplasmosis, a bacterium that can cause illness. If this disease is passed onto a pregnant woman, her baby may suffer from birth defects like mental retardation. The child being stillborn is the worst case scenario. Toxoplasmosis is a disease that can be spread from cats to humans. However, simply smelling cat urine coming from a litter box does not pose any greater danger to a pregnant woman.

Environmental Protection Agency
The EPA has classified ammonia as a toxic chemical and requires notification to a community when there is an abnormally high concentration of ammonia in the area. Ammonia is colorless, but has a truly distinct and foul odor at concentrations of 50 parts-per-million. Repeated exposure to ammonia, even of lesser concentration, can cause pneumonia, bronchitis, eye damage and skin cancer.


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