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Negative person Positive person affect health

Negative person Positive person affect health



Our nature and way of thinking is responsible for every thing we do in our life. While the thinking of a person is based on the kind of environment he is living, nature of a person is gifted to him by birth by almighty. People with positive attitude are less effected by troubles coming in their way. Such kind of people easily make their way in any of the group and become popular in them. People with positive attitude are seen carrying a smiling face and whatever things they do , they do it with love and sincerity.

If your heart does not pay positive waves, it will be difficult for you to lead a healthy and happy life and you will be yourself accountable for this. Because of powerful waves of positive attitude, no one can take you towards negative attitude in yourself as a person living in a negative environment can’t have any power which can change the thing the way he wants. Positive attitude makes a man healthy, happy andsuccessful as it encourages him to become a successful man. Such a man can hardly put harm to anyone around him as his attitude not onlyimproves his own life but also brings a positive effect on people known to him. A happy men is seen asconfident person as his capabilities and brain power make him strong enough to achieve the goal of life. The fact is that when he is running through a critical situation , he does not lose his patience and face it bravely which enables him to easily come out of the problem as a winner.

Similarly people with negative thinking are seen frustrated and become frequently angry on even a minor thing. These people are enemy of their life which causes uncertainty and unhappiness in them and it always follows them. Sometime these category of people find themselves asking about how unlucky they are which is due to direct effect of their negative attitude. People with this kind of attitude need to change their thinking and start accepting the fact that positive thinking will give them more joy and happy moments rather than negative thinking which will bring a dark future ahead for them. They not only harm themselves but also harm others around them and by doing such act, it not only makes a miserable life for them but also deeply upset others.

The effect of positive and negative thinking is based on the kind of environment we are living but if we want to change it, the only thing is that we need to take small stepsgradually to change ourselves andmake our life happier.

There are some fields like business etc., where negative attitude gives achievement to compete in the market but negative attitude if applied in our daily environment will result in annoying people around us. People with positive thinking are never bothered of distance or difficulties. They simply make their way covering a long journey in a very short time with no feeling of beingextremely tired.

To avoid the effect of negative thinking we need to leave the company of people of this kind . They will make you feel in-securedas they become happy seeing you in trouble will make them happy and satisfied . The symptoms of negative people is that they usually discuss about their failures and every time they show that they are more in-secured and unhappy with their life. This is due to fact that they don’t get things in life they want. Sometime they try to create havoc and start screaming unnecessarily to invite attention of people. In fact, we should stay away from such people as they are obstacles in our happy life and they can not be taken our well wishers till they completely change themselves. Once you decide to quit them, you will start feeling a lot of good things happening in your way. It is for sure that a person with negative feeling will always bring a negative atmosphere around you and the consequences of it will make your life more frustrated and unpleasant . But people with positive thinking will always give you good advise, help you in getting a satisfying result and it will make your life happiest ever.

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7 Helpful Tips to Stop Binge Eating

7 Helpful Tips to Stop Binge Eating



Weight loss, the million dollar question, how do I lose weight? Well I got to ask you, how did you gain the weight in the first place?

Being overweight isn’t the real problem, it’s just a symptom of overeating. Forget dieting and exercising.

In order to lose weight and keep it off you need to get to the root of the problem. If you are overweight and are trying to just exercise or diet then you are trying to cover up your unconscious overeating with a bandage. Underneath the bandage the overeating habits will still be there. And even if you were to lose the weight, you won’t be able to keep it off unless you take a deep look at why you eat.

Binge eating is the most common overeating mechanism. Binge eating is simply eating too much food. Often people binge eat to deal with stress, fear, anger or other tough emotions. A common binge eating episode is eating a whole tub of ice-cream at the end of a stressful day. Another common binge eating episode is dieting and crashing. This was my biggest problem when it came to weight loss. I would diet extremely, eating too little, and I’d be able to keep it up for a few days. However on the 6th or 7th day I would crash, and binge eat – basically eating all the fatty sugary foods I’ve been avoiding.

Binge eating is something I personally dealt with for years. Which is why I wanted to give you 7 tips to stop binge eating, or avoid binge eating in the first place.

1. Do NOT diet.

Dieting doesn’t work. I’ve tried all the diets. I would be able to keep a diet up for a few days. But then I would have a day where I would crash, and binge eat. Rather than trying to diet to lose weight, try to slowly improve your eating habits. Instead of eating 5 junk foods a day, try eating 4 for the next 7 days. Once you have done that successfully then trying eating 3 junk foods for the next 7 days etc.

2. Eat fatty or sugary foods in controlled moderation.

Do not deprive yourself of foods you crave. Otherwise you will keep increasing your craving for that food. One day you will crash and binge on that food. Eat fatty and sugary foods you craved in controlled moderation. Control the portion size. It’s not a good idea to order a whole large pizza for yourself if you only plan on eating 2 slices. Rather it’s better to order a personal sized pizza.

3. Understand that weight loss is HARD.

Commercials for weight loss products make weight loss look so easy. It’s NOT. Loosing weight and keeping it off is one of the toughest goals one can achieve. However you can achieve it slowly over time. Trying to lose weight too quickly by eating very little or exercising for extremely long sessions will not work. It will lead you to crashing and binge eating.

4. Forgive yourself.

There will be days where you are too week to say no, and will binge eat. It’s ok, forgive yourself. Don’t let the feelings of guild creep in. Don’t try to be a perfectionist. You are NOT perfect. Rather forgive yourself, and move on. If you let feelings of guilt and disappointment creep in, you probably will feel overwhelmed, give up, and binge eat some more.

5. Tell a friend.

Tell a trusted close friend of family member about your binge eating or overeating habits. More often than not they will be very supportive. They will even ask you what they can do to help. Request that they ask you every now and then about your progress with improving your eating habits. This will help you stay accountable with your commitment to stop binge eating.

6. Read up on how to stop binge eating.

If you can’t stop binge eating, and this is a very serious problem for you then make a commitment to get it handled. Read everything you can find about the subject. You can start by reading many of the tips articles I have on my website How To Stop Eating.

7. Team up with others who are trying to stop binge eating.



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How Germanium Benefits Your Health

How Germanium Benefits Your Health

 As a semiconductor element, Germanium has a small band gap that allows it to efficiently respond to infrared light. The two important characteristics of Germanium that brings about healthy function effects are its natural ability to balance the body’s ions (bioelectricity) and the penetration of Far Infrared Rays into the human body.

1.  Balancing Body’s Ions and Removing Excess Positive Ions

As discussed before, Germanium atom has thirty-two electrons with four of them constantly moving unsteadily along its outermost shell. These four electrons are negative-charge carriers. When approached by a foreign substance, one of these four electrons will be ejected out of its orbit once the temperature is above 32 degrees Celsius. This famous semiconductor phenomenon is known in electronics as ‘the positive hole effect’. The remaining three electrons will seize an electron from other atoms in order to maintain balance.


In essence, once in contact with the human skin, the negatively charged ions from the millions of Germanium atoms will attract the harmful positively charged ions from the body. This process is also known as the dehydrogenation effect where oxygen atoms combines with hydrogen ions which have accumulated in the body to remove them. This is described in much details in Dr Asai’s book – Miracle Cure – Organic Germanium. He made a hypothethical supposiiton that the physical semiconductor phenomenon is similar to the phsiological effect of dehydrogenation.


Our current urban lifestyle exposes the human body to harmful positive ions generated from mobile phones, computers, electronic and electrical equipment, chemicals, acid rain and ultraviolet rays. Hence, the negative-charge ion from Germanium will help in blood purification and balancing the positive and negative ions within the body. This also achieves muscle relieving effects as well as reducing fatigue and tiredness.


The metabolism of the human cell is an extremely important process as it purges waste out of the body while acquiring nutrients from the blood.

With more negative ions in the body, the body’s metabolism process also increases in its efficiency.

Conversely, with more positive ions in the body’s metabolism becomes less efficient and slower. Thus the human cells become weak and the body is more susceptible to sickness and the ageing process becomes accelerated. This can be further explained by the reduced oxygen carrying capacity of the blood cells.

2.  Effect of Far Infrared Rays from Germanium

What is FIR and Human Body FIR


Far Infrared Ray (F.I.R.), an element of Sun Light, is a form of energy wave. The wave length ranges from 4 μm to 1,000 μm. It contains extremely low energy that causes no harm to human bodies. It does not belong to the radioactive ray category.


The human body itself is organic and it is also an F.I.R. source with the wave length of approximately 9 microns. This is similar to the Chinese Ancient Art of “CHI”.



How Far Infrared Ray Transmits

Radiation – Far Infrared Ray, just like normal light source, they have the same activity characteristics. Light energy does not require other mediums to transfer its energy to objects. For example, the light source of the sun can travel a very long distance without any medium to the earth, This is the radiation characteristic, just as Far Infrared Ray.

Penetration – The difference between F.I.R. and normal visible light is that F.I.R. has the characteristic of penetration. It could travel as deep as 4 to 10 centimetres from human skin and warming the body from the inside.

Far Infrared from Germanium

Germanium has the ability to emit a high percent of Far Infrared Rays of between 4 to 14 microns. As  it overlaps the same wavelength of 9 microns emitted by the human body, this results in resonance with the water molecules in our body, improving blood circulation. Since our body is 70% water (by weight), it also activate the water molecules in living cells which enhances blood circulation. When Far Infrared Rays are absorbed into the various organs of the human body, it activates, revitalizes, develops and strengthens them. It also increases temperature under the skin as well as promotes micro circulatory flow within the human body, thus improving one’s overall health condition.



Benefits of Germanium

While scientific research has not been conclusive, some people are said to have experienced the various benefits:

  • Strengthens one’s immune system.
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Raises oxygen levels
  • Speeds up metabolism of body cells
  • Regulates positive and negative ions within the body
  • Removes harmful toxins
  • Relieves joint and muscle pain
  • Alleviates physical stress, stiffness, cramps or discomfort
  • Controls swelling
  • Reduces water retention
  • Relieves fatigue and tiredness
  • Promotes quality sleep
  • Slows down aging
  • Increases and maintains body warmth
  • Counteract harmful positive ions generated by electrical and electronic appliances (e.g. mobile phones, computers, televisions) and industrial wastes

It should be noted that the above benefits experienced may vary from individual to individual.