Negative person Positive person affect health

Negative person Positive person affect health



Our nature and way of thinking is responsible for every thing we do in our life. While the thinking of a person is based on the kind of environment he is living, nature of a person is gifted to him by birth by almighty. People with positive attitude are less effected by troubles coming in their way. Such kind of people easily make their way in any of the group and become popular in them. People with positive attitude are seen carrying a smiling face and whatever things they do , they do it with love and sincerity.

If your heart does not pay positive waves, it will be difficult for you to lead a healthy and happy life and you will be yourself accountable for this. Because of powerful waves of positive attitude, no one can take you towards negative attitude in yourself as a person living in a negative environment can’t have any power which can change the thing the way he wants. Positive attitude makes a man healthy, happy andsuccessful as it encourages him to become a successful man. Such a man can hardly put harm to anyone around him as his attitude not onlyimproves his own life but also brings a positive effect on people known to him. A happy men is seen asconfident person as his capabilities and brain power make him strong enough to achieve the goal of life. The fact is that when he is running through a critical situation , he does not lose his patience and face it bravely which enables him to easily come out of the problem as a winner.

Similarly people with negative thinking are seen frustrated and become frequently angry on even a minor thing. These people are enemy of their life which causes uncertainty and unhappiness in them and it always follows them. Sometime these category of people find themselves asking about how unlucky they are which is due to direct effect of their negative attitude. People with this kind of attitude need to change their thinking and start accepting the fact that positive thinking will give them more joy and happy moments rather than negative thinking which will bring a dark future ahead for them. They not only harm themselves but also harm others around them and by doing such act, it not only makes a miserable life for them but also deeply upset others.

The effect of positive and negative thinking is based on the kind of environment we are living but if we want to change it, the only thing is that we need to take small stepsgradually to change ourselves andmake our life happier.

There are some fields like business etc., where negative attitude gives achievement to compete in the market but negative attitude if applied in our daily environment will result in annoying people around us. People with positive thinking are never bothered of distance or difficulties. They simply make their way covering a long journey in a very short time with no feeling of beingextremely tired.

To avoid the effect of negative thinking we need to leave the company of people of this kind . They will make you feel in-securedas they become happy seeing you in trouble will make them happy and satisfied . The symptoms of negative people is that they usually discuss about their failures and every time they show that they are more in-secured and unhappy with their life. This is due to fact that they don’t get things in life they want. Sometime they try to create havoc and start screaming unnecessarily to invite attention of people. In fact, we should stay away from such people as they are obstacles in our happy life and they can not be taken our well wishers till they completely change themselves. Once you decide to quit them, you will start feeling a lot of good things happening in your way. It is for sure that a person with negative feeling will always bring a negative atmosphere around you and the consequences of it will make your life more frustrated and unpleasant . But people with positive thinking will always give you good advise, help you in getting a satisfying result and it will make your life happiest ever.


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