Shit Burger : Japanese researchers

Shit Burger: Japanese Researcher Creates Artificial Meat From Human Feces

Soon we will eat, the.?

Leaving aside questions of ethics and aesthetics, experts ask: Is it safe for your health? In theory – is safe, experts say. In any case, you must first prepare the meat, and heat treatment would kill any destructive pathogen. “Turd is not necessary – emphasizes Douglas Powell of Kansas State University (USA). – But if you still do it together, do not forget to fry. ”

“Well, my dear, – said Sobakevich – if I did it myself, but I’ll tell you straight in the eye, the filth that I’m not going there. I stuck to the frog even though the sugar, will not take it into his mouth, and oysters, too, will not take: I know what looks like an oyster. ”

Japanese researchers have isolated the nutrients from sewage bacteria and recombine them. The final product consists of 63% from protein, 25% from carbohydrate and 9% of the minerals. In a mixture of soy protein is added to flavor and color – in order to “meat” was a natural color.

That’s Mitsuyuki Ikeda of Okayamskoy laboratory approached the request of Tokyo Sewege do something useful with the contents of sewage 13,000,000th metropolis to do with that – you know – have almost nowhere to go.

Mr. Powell said that with the abstract point of view is the same as eating vegetables that were fertilized with manure. And from an environmental perspective it’s even better than beef because cattle – a source of greenhouse gases.

The only problem is (we believe the time): shit burger is worth 10-20 times more expensive than what you propose in your favorite eatery. Psychological barrier? Nonsense! You eat what you serve in the eatery …



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