Synthetic marijuana can be just as brain altering as real marijuana, and may cause health problems.


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What is it?

Spice is a mildly hallucinogenic herbal mix of dried plant material and synthetic cannabinoids that affect your body and brain much like THC, the active ingredient in marijuana.73

The Risks

You really don’t know what exactly is in the mix if you’re purchasing spice—many different ingredients have been found including five or more different synthetic cannabinoids that have a high potential for abuse 73.You may hear that spice makes you mellow and euphoric just like marijuana does, but it can be even more powerful and unpredictable. People taken to emergency rooms or Poison Control Centers have symptoms that include rapid heart rate, vomiting, agitation, confusion and hallucinations. 74


Filling your body with unknown substances can have severe consequences. It’s not exactly known how the synthetic cannabinoids in Spice may affect you down the line. Some users report signs of withdrawal and addiction.


It’s known that marijuana can limit your brain’s effectiveness.41 Spice can be just as devastating to your developing mind. You can never predict what exactly is in this substance or how toxic it could be. That’s a potent combination that can have an effect on your future.




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