Poor quality artificial hymen can cause lifelong infertility

Poor quality artificial hymen can cause lifelong infertility

www.jfdaily.com 2008-5-5 14:53 Yangcheng Evening News


These inferior products in the security hidden trouble. Experts Caution: girls best to stay away from it!

The number of colleges and universities in Guangzhou ladies’ room and even the accommodation blocks the numerous artificial hymen advertising. After an investigation, the reporters found that these self-proclaimed “no surgery, no injections, no medication, no side effects, offer a few hundred dollars” artificial hymen “is, in fact, some of the adult products market only $ 20 you can buy inferior products. Experts say, because of quality problems, these products will damage the user’s health, a serious cause of infertility for life, should be used with caution!

Advertisement appeared University <br> in a university located in Tianhe District, a teacher, told reporters the artificial hymen ads last month began to appear on campus, at first in the girls toilets, later in the student dormitory can see such as posting ads. An ad posted in the ladies room last week said it was just imported from Japan, the fifth-generation artificial hymen, and introduced this product without any side effects, 100% real “price of 300 yuan a set, such as More than five sets% discount “.

  Another university, a student told reporters that the school “artificial hymen” advertising time for two months, a 11-storey teaching building, almost each floor of the ladies room can be found in this kind of advertising. The campus cleaners who used to rip these ads, but a few days the ad will again appear.

The reporter then dialed the phone on the left in an ad, a woman answered the phone, she told reporters, students soon to be a holiday, so a month all artificial hymen has a special price, such as “red night” a past 280, now only $ 200, “Lady film also dropped from the previous 200 yuan to 160 yuan the Japanese original Joan of Arc Red” by 400 yuan to 280 yuan. She also boasted of these products feel realistic, simple to use, and “Fallen flowers” exactly like the real thing, and will not cause any harm to the body.

No certificate of sale

The reporter went to Station Road, adult products wholesale market, found inside the shops are not artificial hymen on the pavement, I began to ask the shop staff will hesitated to look into the boss. When a reporter said he was a college student, introduced by the familiar customers over the artificial hymen wholesale back to school sales, the boss he called the employee to another place the artificial hymen model of the two brands bring in a shop.

According to the shop owner, the store sold two artificial hymen price difference, the cheaper one is 18 yuan, and another sold at 25 yuan. Allegedly, the campus a few hundred dollars retail, in fact, these around $ 20 product. The boss said, these artificial hymen does not allow the sale of the sale of certificates, and therefore can not be placed in the storefront sale, only regular customers business.

Can cause lifelong infertility
A gynecologist said, artificial hymen on the quality and safety there is a big hidden danger, if the blind, easily lead to physical illness and even left a life-long regret, the best girls away from it.

According to experts, the artificial hymen is in private illegal trading of what is inside the red liquid, which ingredients are unclear. The experts cited the artificial hymen may bring a variety of hazards: because of its rough texture, easily lead to scratch the vaginal wall, vascular bleeding; due to poor health, it is easy to bring the the fungal inflammation, trichomoniasis, gonorrhea or pelvic inflammatory disease, sepsis etc.; inside liquid of unknown origin, rupture may produce chemical reactions, burns the vagina, causing infertility, to bring the rest of his life.

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